Second basketball scrimmage

Let's forget about football and talk basketball. There is a second scrimmage and it's basically the Edey show. Here's my observation from the box score:

  • Is Zach Edey simply our best player ahead of our two pre-season All-Americans? He's 16-of-18 for 35 (!) pts and 14 REBs. To put that in perspective, the 2nd-highest scorer is Ivey (20 pts), and the 2nd-leading REBer is TKR(7). Edey leads by a mile and is INSANELY dominant.
  • Unfortunately, that's about the only good news. Everyone else is having a poor game. Without Edey, the rest of the team shot <40% overall. The only player with 50% FG is Gillis (2-of-4).
  • Our 3-pt shooting is not good today, just 14-of-48 (29%). Newman led the team with 4-of-10, and Sasha 3-of-9, but the other guys are just not up to par. Hunter (4 attempts), Morton (3), Tre (2), and Gillis (1) combined for 0-of-10.
  • At the 4, statistically TKR was best, 14 pts (6-of-14) and 7 REBs, 2 ASTs, 2 STLs, 0 TO. Furst scored 9, with 6 REBs, 1 STL and 2 TOs. Gillis scored 6, but had 7 REBs, 1 BLK and 2 TOs.
  • Hunter led the team with 7 ASTs, but he also had 4 TOs. Tre kept playing a faciliator role, 6 ASTs over 2 TOs. Morton showed us why Painter called him the best passer he ever recruited, dishing 6 ASTs over 1 TO.
  • Sasha once again had 4 ASTs and 0 TOs, which is what he had in last scrimmage. Usually freshmen are TO-prone, but TKR and Waddell both had 2 ASTs each without a TO.
  • IT was arguably the most disappointing player in the first scrimmage, but he scored 12 pts (3-of-7 FGs, of which 2-of-5 are from 3s, along with 4-4 FTs), 2 REBs, 2 ASTs, 1 BLK (!), and just 1 TO. Glad to see a bounce-back game from him, but it also makes Painter's job a lot harder when it comes to minutes.
  • Surprisingly, Ivey took only the 5th most FG attempts, but he stuffed the stat sheet. He has 20 pts (5-of-11 FG, of which 2-of-5 from 3s, 8-8 FTs), 4 REBs, 3 ASTs, 1 STL, but 3 TOs.
  • The surprising thing with Tre is his REBs. He only has the 5th-most REBs, behind the other 4 frontcourt players. Last season, he had the 4th best ORB% in the entire nation, but today he only had 1 ORB, behind Gillis (5), Edey/Furst (4), TKR (3), and Hunter (2).
  • FTs is good today, 20-of-24 for 83.3%.

So my impression from the two scrimmages:

  1. Believe it or not, Edey is arguably our best player right now. I actually won't be surprised if Painter started him over Tre, not unlike Painter starting Haas over AJH in Haas' sophomore season, and we started 11-0. It was only after the "Rick Mount" game on Jan 2nd when we lost to Iowa that Painter put back AJH as the starter.
  2. If Edey is indeed the starter, how Tre handles coming off the bench will determine how far the team goes. Sports should be based on meritorcracy, not seniority. If Edey is so dominant, it makes sense to start him (esp for the tip), and shows everyone that you will be rewarded if you can produce. Can Tre accept a role as the backup center? I just don't see him getting a lot of minutes at the 4 when that position is already crowded.
  3. It's hard to tell who should be the starter at the 4. Gillis didn't have the best stats, but he seemed to fit in best, b/c he didn't need to score to be effective. He's just opportunistic. TKR seems to be our best scorer not named Ivey. And Furst is just solid all across. During Gillis' suspension, I'd vote for Furst to start just b/c I prefer a scoring punch coming off the bench.
  4. At the 3 is a close call between Sasha and Newman. Newman seems to improve as a better offensive player, but I think Painter goes with Sasha for his experience and decision-making (he has 8 ASTs and 0 TOs in two scrimmages while Newman is 5:3).
  5. Hunter will be our starting PG but his 3-pt shooting (1-of-7) across two scrimmages is not giving me much confidence. He will need to up his defense to win PT.
  6. Morton and IT will be the yin-and-yang battling for the backup PG minutes. Morton is the better passer (10:1 AST/TO over IT's 5:2), while IT is the better shooter (3-of-11 from 3s over Morton's 0-of-4). My hunch right now is Morton will get the nod. If he continues to improve and plays solid D, he might even push for Hunter's minutes.
  7. It is conceivable that the young guys (Edey, Newman) are going all-in while the veterans (Tre, Hunter) are taking it easy, and scrimmages shouldn't be taken too seriously. That said, I can really see Edey and Morton pushing for minutes over their veteran counterpart.
  8. Ivey is just Ivey. He will stuff the stat sheet and play a lot.

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