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Wisconsin at #25 Purdue: GameThread & How to Watch

End the streak!


It’s time to end the streak. It has been far too long since Purdue has beaten Wisconsin, and it has been even long (1997) since we did it in West Lafayette. It has to end sometime, so why not now?

At stake for Purdue is the inside track to a better bowl game, a possible better bowl game, and another week in the top 25 after far too long of an absence. Is Purdue really one of the 25 best teams in the country? Well, with a win today we can at least stack a larger claim to it.

Jeff Brohm may be turning things around. A win does not necessarily mean he isn’t, but a win is a sure sign that he is. It would be nice to have bowl eligibility all but assured after eight weeks, needing just one more win after today.

Let’s go out and finish the drill.