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Purdue vs. Wisconsin Predictions

What does the staff think will happen on Saturday?

Syndication: HawkCentral Joseph Cress/Iowa City Press-Citizen / USA TODAY NETWORK

Whelp, it’s the game that gives a lot of us PFTSD (Purdue Football traumatic stress disorder). Wisconsin. You never want to see them on the schedule as a Purdue fan. It’s been since 2003 that Purdue has beaten them on the field. Let’s see what the staff thinks huh?

Jumbo Heroes (4-2) Says:

There’s a song in the Broadway musical Avenue Q in which the characters (well, puppets) sing about how they wish they could go back to college (some NSFW language but it’s softened in this version for you all). Things would just be so much simpler. You’ve got a meal plan, you have your whole life ahead of you, anything is possible. Ultimately, they determine that if they did go back to college they’d look like losers because they are so much older than everyone else and it clearly wouldn’t be the same.

Why am I talking about this? Well, because every time Purdue plays Wisconsin it takes me right back to my time in college. I was a freshman in 2004 and so this was one of the formidable periods of my Purdue fandom. It still sticks with me. But that’s the thing, you can’t go back. You did it. Now it’s up to those younger than us to move forward with the process. Purdue hasn’t beaten Wisconsin in football since 2003, before I was even in college. Something just feels right about this game. The Wisconsin offense is bad and the Purdue defense has improved so dramatically.

Purdue 21

Wisconsin 17

Juan (1-2) Says:

Hey Alexa, how do I unsubscribe from emails from Hammer and Rails dot com?

Purdue 14

Wisconsin 17

Travis (6-0) Says:

We just own Wisconsin. They are only 5-42 in Mackey and one of those was this past spring in the NCAA Tournament. Wait, this is football? Oh. Well, it is time for the streak to end. We need big George to hassle Graham Mertz into mistakes. We need to keep playing confident on offense and wear their defense down. This is a couple of good defenses and a couple of bad offenses. Our offense is better. The streak ends.

Purdue 21

Wisconsin 13

Kyle (4-2) Says:

Wisconsin is a worse version of Iowa.

Boilers 24

Wisconsin 13

Jace (4-2) Says:

The way this college football season has gone, it feels like a great time for Purdue to snap their losing streak to Wisconsin doesn’t it? This is Purdue’s best chance to do that in YEARS, and I think they get the job done. The Badgers have struggled all season getting the ball moving down the field, and tomorrow will be no different. Expect a chilly fall Big Ten football game, as per usual. Boilers lean on David Bell again to take care of business!

Purdue 23

Wisconsin 10

Casey (5-1) Says:

Three qbs. Three defensive coordinators. Another bad qb coming to town. We all know this song as this point. Sing it with me:

The angels sing a wiscy lullaby.

La la la la la la laaaaaaa

Purdue 28

Wiscy 24

Holmes (4-2) Says:

Dog Logan is the brother of Wolverine who is evil and has time traveling crystals...because COMICS! A badger is also kind of kin to a wolverine, get it? Ok, cool.

Purdue hasn’t beaten Wisconsin in like ever, the Boilers need to seize this chance.

Purdue 21

Wisconsin 14