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Friday Drankin’: Young Blood Beer Company

Beer? In Madison? Unthinkable!

Syndication: Journal Sentinel Mark Hoffman / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Madison and beer go together better than any other college town in the Big Ten. There are tons of small breweries in the area, and Leinenkugel is not that far away in Chippewa Falls. How can you top a brewery though? By being a Beer Company.

Young Blood Beer Company

112 King Street

Madison, Wi 53703

As the crow flies Young Blood Beer Company is 1.63 miles from Camp Randall Stadium. That is within stumbling distance of Badger games, and when I went to Purdue’s unmerciful 37-0 blowout loss in 2009 it would have been a great place to escape to after doing Jump Around. Here is how they describe themselves.

Our three founders, Kyle, Billy and Tom, come from different backgrounds and add different perspectives which seamlessly compliment each other. The goal was to create a brewery where a tap list of ever changing styles could intersect an environment that suggested that beer was a medium to tell a story.

Now, onto the beer.

Tropical Silk Shake – 6% ABV - Pastry Cream ale with Pink Guava, Coconut, Vanilla and Lactose “WTF is a Silkshake you’re probably asking. Imagine a world, where milkshake IPAs are barely hopped but all of their rich and decedent flavors still existed. That would be the world of the humble Silkshake. We use our cream ale as a base with tons of pale malt and oats before adding lactose for body. For this iteration, we’re inspired we take a three hour tour to the tropics and load this up with tons of pink guava before resting this on real coconut flakes and vanilla. “

Bathtub Bier – 5.2% ABV - Helles Lager w/ Mandarina Bavaria. Same bier, different name. We got sued by the fine folks from Champion Brewing out of Virginia for using the name Shower Bier. So we changed the name to Bathtub Bier. This bier is the perfect compliment to the end of a hard day’s work or just because. Crisp with a slightly bready malt background. So go ahead and fill the tub or shower and enjoy that first cold, cool sip. Shower fast, drink slow.

Hojo Doho – 8.5% ABV - Saison dry hopped with Strata A tribute to the HoJo on East Washington where Billy turned from man into boy. In fact, the unparalleled paintings proudly displayed in the rooms are what made Billy decide to go to art school. It was there he sensed the sweet scent of the future and was forever changed. We ferment this saison with our house Belgian yeast strain for all of its lovely pepper and spice notes and then dry hop it with house favorite Strata for its tropical berry notes.

B Minus Bruce Springsteen – 6% ABV - Rye Saison dry hopped with French Elixir Some of us like Brandon Flowers and some of us don’t. As lead singer of Las Vegas superstars, the Killers, Flowers’ pomp and circumstance has often been divisive amongst our crew, leading to his being called a B Minus Bruce Springsteen. This french saison is dry hopped with Elixir, a hop developed in Northern France with notes of leather and tobacco. We thought this fitting for a beer named after a Bruce Springsteen inspired singer rising up through smoke filled, haunts on chrome filled boulevards whose names we lost long ago, all slick backed hair and broken dreams. Oh and also Maria