2022 Purdue QB1

I know in the mind of the average Boilermaker fan that the 2022 season is like 5 years away, but I think the conversation about what the QB stable looks like is becoming increasingly interesting.

First, which QB's currently on the roster are on their last year of eligibllity. Normally, this is more starightforward, but the extra year of eligiblity due to COVID kind of throws things off, so not sure what that means for someone who's already a super senior. A couple questions worth considering:

  1. If things remain as is, with Plummer and Burton getting a few snaps per game, do either return next season?
  2. Does AOC come back if he's eligible? Me thinks he can at least make a practice squad roster in the NFL with that arm, and that alone I believe is 6-figure cash for a few months of work
  3. Based on how #1 and #2 shake out, does Alaimo stick around? Not a doubt in my mind that Rutgers will try to convince him to come home (his brother will be a senior next season)
  4. Is it possible that for the first time since 2017 that we will open the season with a first-time starter?
  5. Does anyone know if Brady Allen is graduating early so he can participate in Spring Camp?
I think the conversation can be interesting based on how this season turns out, because there is definitely a worse-case scenario that only one scholarship QB from the current roster returns to join incoming Brady Allen in 2022.

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