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Behind the Rails Episode 12: Iowa Recap

Travis and Kory talk about Purdue’s stunning upset in Iowa City.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday was quite a day in Iowa City. Purdue rolled into the No. 2 in the nation’s house and kicked some ass for 3.5 hours. That made for a very happy Kory Sheets in this week’s edition of the Behind the Rails podcast. There was quite a bit to talk about, too:

  • David Bell. What more can you say? Well, we found a few things.
  • The three quarterback system surprisingly worked, even if it may not going forward.
  • The defense had a salty day in almost completely shutting down the Iowa offense.
  • The strategy behind needing three guys to help you up when you’re leading in the fourth quarter.
  • How all the attention to George Karlaftis is beginning to open up the rest of the defense.
  • My son Dillon stops by with another question.

It was a quite a show this week, so I hope you’ll all subscribe and enjoy it.