Kenpom rankings released: Purdue is #6.

Ken Pomeroy just released his initial MBB computer rankings for 2021-2022, and according to them, Purdue is #6 in the nation, just behind #2 Michigan and #5 Illinois. The clear #1 is Gonzaga. His numbers say Purdue is better than 352 other teams!

Kenpom predicts Purdue would lose to Gonzaga by about six points, to Michigan by 3.5, and would pretty much tie Illinois. Purdue should beat #8-in-the-nation OSU by two points.

Of course, there will be a lot of sniffing at computer numbers this season, since non-B1G fans had to hear announcers gushing over our conference all last season based on computer rankings, just to see it snuffed out in the NCAA tourney.

Purdue has the #2-ranked offense and the #18-ranked defense. I think we all think that the O should be something special this year. But if we want to see Purdue in the FF, a big step forward on D will be required.

QUESTION: will Purdue's defensive ranking increase, decrease, or stay about the same this year?

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