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Hammer and Rails Podcast - The Upset at Iowa

We talk all things Purdue vs. Iowa.

Syndication: HawkCentral Bryon Houlgrave/The Register / USA TODAY NETWORK

Sometimes when you’re wrong about a game you’ve just got to admit it. Both Casey and I were wrong about the Iowa game. But! Yes, there’s always a but. You’ll notice that a lot of what we said Purdue would need to do to win was what happened. So honestly, I see this a absolute win.

Just like we do every game we take a look back at the game and discuss what went right (nearly everything) and what went wrong (not a lot) about the victory over Iowa.

Honestly, these things are just so much fun to record when the team is doing well and we get to talk about some really good football. It’s amazing what a victory, AND A TOP 25 ranking can do for you.

Just a quick correction here. I mention the Selwyn Lymon game against Notre Dame, that was in 2008 and not 2009 as I said on the podcast, though I did say I was probably getting the year wrong. Ah well, that’s what I get for saying something off the cuff with no confirmation in front of me.

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