Purdue basketball scrimmage

Can't believe there is no coverage on the fans' day scrimmage of MBB here! Well, in a way, I can't blame it since the dominant win over the #2 team in the country deserves all our attention. So if anyone attended the scrimmage, can you please share what your impression is about the team and what strikes you the most? I'll just look at it from a box score perspective. Here is what I see about each player:

  • Brandon Newman is the co-leading scorer with 21 pts in 3 scrimmages on 8-of-11 shooting (5-of-6 from 3s). He also leads the team in STLs with 2 (along with Hunter and Tre).
  • TKR is the other guy that a lot of people are raving about with how he can score in a variety of ways (6-of-12 from the field, 2-of-6 from 3s). He's the 2nd-leading scorer with 15 pts and also 2nd in REB with 9, and 4 of those REBs were offensive. I've heard people describing him as VEd with a higher upside. Maybe it was just unlucky, TKR was winless for the day.
  • Furst is also good. He led the team in FTAs (9), hitting 7. He was 3rd on team with 8 REBs, scored 12 pts on just 3 FGAs (b/c it's mostly from the FT line). He hit 1-of-2 threes.
  • Gillis may not be as good statistically, but I've heard people saying he might be the best fit next to our bigs. He has 8 pts and 4 REBs, but he hit both his 3s.
  • Edey. He is the other leading scorer with 21 pts (10-of-13 FGs, but just 1-of-4 FT). Big Zach led the team with 12 REBs, 5 of which ORBs. He also led the team in BLKs (3). He is basically the throwback center that Yao Ming was. If there is any nitpicking, it's his 3 TOs.
  • Tre. Surprisingly Tre only has 3 REBs. THREE (!). He also missed all 3 of his 3PAs, but made 2-of-2 from the FT line. What really stands out with him though is him being 7:0 in AST/TO ratio. Yeah, 7 ASTs without a TO. He is only 6-of-15 in his FGs though.
  • Ivey. But Tre did not lead the team in ASTs - that honor goes to Ivey (8). Surprisingly our trigger-happy guy only took 7 shots (making 4), and just 2 three-pt attempts (hitting 1). He still has 14 pts b/c he gets to the line 7 times.
  • Sasha. Like Tre and Ivey, Sasha also ended with 14 pts (5-of-12 FGs, including 4-of-8 from 3s). Sasha is doing Sasha thing, as he also has 4 ASTs without a TO.
  • Hunter. Another guy with 4 ASTs and no TOs. Like Ivey, Hunter takes only 7 shots (making 4). He is 1-of-3 from 3s.
  • Morton. He's the third guy with 4 ASTs and no TOs. Most importantly, he is the only player to win all 3 scrimmages. I always think there's something to winners even if they don't have eyepopping stats. Morton has an all-around game (2 pts, 5 REBs, 4 ASTs, 1 STL, 1 BLK, 0 TO). He only took 3 shots, and missed his only 3PA.
  • IT. Competing with Morton for the backup PG minutes would be IT, whom I've heard was shooting lights out in practice, but didn't show up in the scrimmage. He was 1-of-6, all attempts from 3 with only 3 pts. He has no other stats to show for other than 3:1 AST/TO ratio. His team lost all 3 games.
  • Waddell. Jon Rothstein sent a "Buy that stock" tweet on Waddell after watching our practice. He might be our next Eifert as he made all his shots (one 2, one 3), and had 1 REB, 1 AST, and 1 TO. I can see him being that quintessential role-player on a winning team that does all the little things, and would hurt you if you leave him open.

So what's the takeaway?

  1. Three-point shooting is pretty damn good. If we take away Tre's 0-3, we hit 49% (18-of-37). Newman and Sasha combined for 9-of-14, and we need to have one of them on the floor at all times. IT was a disappointing 1-of-6, but he should be better. TKR is the other guy who took 6 threes, showing that he isn't afraid to launch.
  2. The REB battle will be crazy. When Tre only got 3 REBs in 3 scrimmages, behind Zach (12), TKR (9) and Furst (8), I think one of our goals should be to win the REB battle in each and every game.
  3. This team is unselfish. We have 38 ASTs over 12 TOs, that's better than a 3:1 ratio! {Tre, Sasha, Hunter, Morton} combined for 19 ASTs and no TO! Tre and Ivey seemed to deliberately took on an assist role, letting Zach and Brandon shine.
  4. We need to work on FTs. Despite Tre going 2-of-2, the team as a whole is only 64% (16-of-25). Edey was a decent FT-shooter as a frosh, but his numbers were down in the U19 and also in the scrimmage. He'll get to the line A LOT this season, so it's important he gets his numbers up.
  5. The twin tower thing might be overrated. It appears that Tredey did win their game playing together, but they were outscored by Furst + TKR in that game from what I've heard.
  6. I have no idea how the PF position will play out. TKR seems to be more of a scorer so he'll need touches. Furst seems to be able to complement Tredey better, but maybe the best complement is Gillis despite not having as gaudy stats. It's a problem for Painter to solve. Painter did hint that he would lean towards having the best 5 playing TOGETHER rather than the best 5 INDIVIDUAL players. So who knows? But it'll be impossible to not play guys like Furst and TKR. It is conceivable that TKR is better than VEd as a frosh, and VEd was a Day-1 starter and arguably our 2nd-best player behind AJH.
  7. Just by the scrimmage, Morton has an inside edge for the backup PG spot over IT, but Painter typically leans on experience. That will be another interesting position battle.

This is gonna be a super fun team to watch!! Can't wait!!!!

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