Purdue a road underdog against #2 Iowa

Purdue has had a pretty decent start to the season. They won three of their first four games with their lone loss coming against Notre Dame. Then they lost to Minnesota. That's a loss that hurt, as it derailed a great feeling to the start of the year for the Boilermakers.

Now they have to take on #2 Iowa, and losses look like they can pile up real quick. That said, it doesn't have to be that way given Iowa's weak offense. While Iowa is a strong favorite in this game, the public isn't counting out Purdue entirely.


Purdue is the strong underdog in this game. The Boilermakers are 11.5 point underdogs, and they're given +420 odds to win the game outright. That's an implied 19.2% chance to pull off the upset. Meanwhile, Iowa is given -455 odds, or an implied 82% chance to win the game.

Well, according to oddsmakers Iowa is the most vulnerable top-5 team on the market. That shows both faith in Purdue's ability to pull off this upset, and a lack of faith in Iowa's offense.

Matchup History

Iowa and Purdue have played each other 91 times in their history. Purdue has won 49 of those games. They're actually winning the historical rivalry pretty handedly.

They've also been winning games recently. Purdue has won 3 of the last 4 games they've played against Iowa. Their one loss came by just 6 points. In fact, each of their last 3 games played have been one score games.

So, recent history indicates this one should be close.


Logic and rankings say Purdue should have no shot in this game. They're an unranked team who just lost to Minnesota going up against the #2 team in the country. Logic be damned though.

Iowa's offense keeps tons of teams in games, and Purdue always plays Iowa tough. There's no telling what could happen in this one, but there's a reason oddsmakers aren't predicting it to be a massive blowout.

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