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Purdue vs. Iowa - Prediction Time!

What does the staff think about the Iowa game?

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Purdue sits at 3-2. What a difference one game makes. I don’t know about you but I would feel so much better if Purdue could’ve pulled off that victory over Minnesota. What does the staff think will happen against the second ranked Hawkeyes on the road?

Jumbo Heroes (4-1) Says:

Last week I followed my heart instead of my head. I knew the flaws of the Purdue offense but Minnesota had also looked very bad. This week I’m listening to my head. The Purdue offense has struggled against even mediocre defenses. Now, they face a very potent Iowa offense that has 16 interceptions on the season. I expect AOC to have a couple INTs and the Purdue offense remains mired in the mud.

Purdue 10

Iowa 28

Casey (5-0) Says:

I feel like this game will feel close but in the end Iowa will pull away in the second half. For more details about my prediction and my thoughts on Iowa listen to today’s episode of the H&R podcast.

Purdue 13

Iowa 27

Travis (5-0) Says:

I have a strange good feeling about this one, which is probably a bad sign overall. The good news is I am not going, as I went to Iowa City two years ago and brought the loss with me. Brohm and David Bell have Iowa’s number. Until proven otherwise, I am going to assume Bell scorches their secondary like he has the last two years. I also like getting them off a bye while they had a huge game last week. You know what? Why Not? TRAP GAME!

Purdue 24

Iowa 20

Kyle (3-2) Says:

Down with the Hawkeys.

Boilers shake up college football.

Purdue 27

Iowa 24

Jace (3-2) Says:

Jeff Brohm is 3-1 against Iowa at Purdue. Although they weren’t as good as they are this year, I think that still carries some weight. Purdue should have Payne Durham and Cory Trice back (editor’s note, Jace sent this in before news that Trice was out for the season.) which will be huge. Not many people are expecting Purdue to win, but college football is upside down this year so I’m going with the Boilermakers by a field goal.

Purdue 17

Iowa 14

Juan (1-1) Says:

This is an automatic reply that I am currently on my honeymoon and will not be disturbed by my former employer who won’t take me off this email list for these silly predictions....

Purdue 3

Iowa 20

Drew (3-2) Says:

This is a battle of two teams with solid defenses and bad offenses. The difference being Iowa’s ability to force turnovers. The side continues.

Purdue 17

Iowa 24

Holmes (3-2) Says:

Bird-like villain with older sensibilities? Sounds a lot like the Iowa Hawkeyes to me.

Spoilermakers time? Spoilermakers time.

Purdue 28

Iowa 25