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The Hammer and Rails Podcast - Iowa Predictions

Can Purdue find a way to overcome a very stout Iowa defense?

Syndication: Palm Beach Post Joseph Cress/Iowa City Press-Citizen / USA TODAY NETWORK

With game week back following a luxurious bye week in which seemingly 15 additional Purdue players got season ending injuries the Hammer and Rails podcast is back to discuss the upcoming game against Iowa. Casey and I take a look at what to expect from the Iowa offense (tight ends) and the Iowa defense (turnovers).

Casey and I discuss the #2 team in the nation Iowa Hawkeyes. For those looking for an optimistic take on the game we do pepper some of that in but overall I think we provide a sober and realistic look at what Purdue can do and expect in what’s going to be their toughest game to date.

Before we get into the meat of the podcast we discuss the most recent injuries to the wide receiving corps as well as the defensive backfield. These are all going to be big injuries with big implications on what the team is capable of. Payne Durham is supposed to be back this week so the additional weapon could help.

Finally, Casey sits at 5-0 on the season while I’m at 4-1. We don’t differ in our predictions this week so I don’t have a chance to catch up. Let us know your thoughts below.