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Purdue vs. Minnesota Predictions

What does the staff think?

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With Purdue sitting at 3-1 on the season they face another hurdle this weekend in a talented Minnesota team that simply doesn’t seem to have been able to put it all together. What does the staff think will happen this weekend? Let’s get into it.

Jumbo Heroes (4-0) Says:

I don’t think I’ve had this much trouble picking a game since Oregon State. I just don’t know what Purdue is going to look like. With Bell, Mitchell, Doerue, and Deen all game time decisions so much seems up in the air. Add to that that Durham is out and it leaves question marks all over the place.

Minnesota can run the football but that’s really about it. Their passing game has been inconsistent and they’ve given up 8 sacks. To top it off they lost to Bowling Green last weekend despite being a 30 point favorite. I’m trusting in Brohm here and playing the homer card despite some of my better judgment.

Purdue 21

Minnesota 17

Travis (4-0) Says:

I don’t have a good feeling about this one. Minnesota is a lot better than they have shown so far, especially in the passing game, and they have the running game to grind us into fine powder. It is going to be worse if David Bell and Payne Durham are out, too. Ideally, Purdue finds a way to win in 13-9 ugly fashion again if Bell and Durham are out and both get the bye week to heal up before the stretch run. Unfortunately, Purdue has no running game at all right now and that is a big reason the offense is not moving at all. I expect punts. I expect incomplete passes. I expect stuffed runs on 3rd and 1. Nothing good ever happens with Minnesota, and if Bell is still out that will continue.

Purdue 13

Minnesota 21

Jace (3-1) Says:

This one might be similar to the Illinois game. Purdue hasn’t been able to get into a groove offensively the last two games and I think that trend could continue. The way Jeff Brohm and staff have been talking, I expect to see Aidan O’Connell as the starting quarterback Saturday but that remains to be seen. It also appears David Bell, Payne Durham, King Doerue, and Cam Craig could be held out as well. That is not a good recipe for winning. Minnesota has struggled more-so than Purdue and I think the Boilers can squeak out a win at home, but it will be close.

Purdue 20

Minnesota 17

Juan (1-0) Says:

You do know I charge per word now, right? (Editors note: well worth every penny.)

Purdue 17

Minnesota 13

Kyle (3-1) Says:

Is David Bell back?

If so it is a W.

Our defensive line has struggled against the giant Minnesota Offensive Line in previous years, they are still huge. But, their star RB is out for the season. But, I am predicting they will still have a 100 yard rusher. Coach Fleck will force the run as much as he has too.

I see AOC starting and Coach Brohm airing it out early. I like Purdue by 2 scores as long as we have David Bell healthy.

Purdue 28

Minnesota 17

Holmes (3-1) Says:

This week’s Marvel villain is Mole Man. He’s one of the first Fantastic Four villains and is a squat little man who lives underground. Like PJ Fleck, he’s easily one of the most repugnant villains around.

Purdue’s weaknesses are generally Minnesota’s strengths, but after last year we damn well better pull this one out.

Purdue 27

Minnesota 14

Casey (4-0) Says:

Dark days are ahead. I’m assuming AOC gets the call and hopefully he doesn’t continue to turn the ball over. But I have a suspicion the defense cracks Saturday. Too many short fields. Too much play action. And the game gets away from Brohm and company.

Purdue 21

Minnesota 32

Drew (3-1) Says:

Just as we all expected, we’ve got a matchup of two struggling offenses on Saturday. Wait, no, no one expected that out of Purdue and Minnesota, and yet, here we are. There is a hole in the Minnesota boat and the Brohmfence is missing a few boards. This game hinges on which Minnesota and Purdue team show up to play tomorrow. Are we getting the Minnesota team that shut out Colorado in Boulder or are we getting the Minnesota team that lost as a 30 point favorite last week? Are we getting the Purdue team that knocked off a solid Oregon State team or are we getting the Purdue team that struggled against Illinois? Furthermore, which Purdue team is going to take the field? I think O’Connell is going to start at QB and Bell is going to play...but who knows...certainly not this lowly blogger.

This game is why you never, ever, ever bet on Purdue football. The outcomes are limitless because I have no idea what Purdue is going to put on the field, and I’m probably in the top 1%, in terms of people who follow Purdue football. I can’t imagine Minnesota laying another egg this week, and I can’t imagine Purdue’s offense being as impotent as it was last week.

Give me -

Purdue 31

Minnesota 24

*Note: Drew is not responsible for any gambling decisions you make based on his prediction. He has no idea what is going to happen, like not even a clue. Seriously, never bet on Purdue. You’ve been warned.