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Purdue Basketball: Dakota Mathias is on TV Right Now!

Purdue’s favorite son is starting for the 76ers!

Philadelphia 76ers v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Dakota Mathias, aka The Midwest Cowboy, is making his first NBA start for the Philadelphia 76ers against the Denver Nuggets right now!

You can catch the game if you have NBA T.V. or the NBA League Pass. If you live in or around Colorado, you can watch the game on the Altitude Network. The game is currently at the end of the 1st quarter. Dakota played 7 minutes and has an assist.

Dakota has played in 4 games so far this season. He is averaging 4.8 points per game and is shooting 33.3% from 3. He picked up the most burn in the 76ers last game, playing 12 minutes and scoring 3 points.

Dakota signed a 2 way contract with Philadelphia in December. That means his services will be split between the 76ers and their G-League affiliate the Delaware Blue Coats. He is limited to 50 games on the active 76ers roster over the course of the season.