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Super Bowl LV: Which Boilers Can Get a Ring?

Can a Boiler Legend go out on top?

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It is no surprise that Drew Brees is likely to retire at season’s end. He is arguably the greats NFL player Purdue has ever produced. He is also one of several former Purdue players that have a shot at winning a Super Bowl ring. Last year we came very close, as Raheem Mostert not only played in the Super Bowl and his team had a fourth quarter lead, he joined Mike Alstott as one of now just two players from Purdue that have actually scored a Super Bowl touchdown.

So who can get a ring this year?


1. Kansas City Chiefs - No Purdue Players

2. Buffalo Bills - No Purdue Players

3. Pittsburgh Steelers - No Purdue Players

4. Tennessee Titans - Dennis Kelly - Kelly has been a stalwart for some time on the Titans’s roster and is in his ninth season in the league. He missed winning a ring in Philadelphia, but came close to making the Super Bowl last year. He also blocked for a 2,000 yard rusher this year in Derrick Henry.

5. Baltimore Ravens - No Purdue Players

6. Cleveland Browns - No Purdue Players

7. Indianapolis Colts - No Purdue Players


1. Green Bay Packers - No Purdue Players

2. New Orleans Saints - Drew Brees - The legend himself. Brees has had some really bad luck in pursuit of his second ring the last few seasons. You had the OT loss tot he Vikings last year, the screw job the year before, and the miracle Hail Mary in Minneapolis three years ago. Brees is due for some good luck. He is beat up. He is clearly on the downslide. Tom Brady is going to take all his records next year because Brady might be an immortal. Still, the first quarterback to throw for 80,000 yards has one last shot.

3. Seattle Seahawks - No Purdue Players

4. Washington Football Team - Ryan Kerrigan & Dave Steinmetz - The WTF is an abomination in the playoffs when the Dolphins were three games better, but in a different conference. Still, they have tow Boilers. Ryan Kerrigan is in year 10 and has been ridiculously consistent in that time. He will be a free agent after the season, but is still one of the league’s better linebackers. Steinmetz is in his second season and actually made the full roster this year after being an undrafted free agent.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - No Purdue Players

6. Los Angeles Rams - Brycen Hopkins - The rookie is on the roster and has played in five games this season, but has not caught a pass or recorded any other stats.

7. Chicago Bears - No Purdue Players

This is probably the lowest number of Purdue players we have had in the playoffs in ages, and this is with two extra teams this year. Thanks Hazell.