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Purdue Football: 2021, The Year of the Offensive Line

It is about time.

Nebraska v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It is time.

Time for the Offensive Line to make a jump.

The offensive line was a total rebuild when Coach Brohm got here and going into year 5, we should see vast improvements, if not we should have some questions.

With a solid mix of grad transfers, in state recruits and athletic tackles, this offensive line, which is 2 deep at about every position, should be a focal point of this team. With an attitude like Gus Hartwig and Greg Long, this group should be nasty, but skilled.

Again, we should be nearly two deep at each position. Today, I am here to instill some confidence in everyone, that our offensive line will be a pretty good group in 2021. Hear me out!


  1. Greg Long - 6-4, 300 Pounds - Grad Transfer - Greg decided to return for another year after being named Honorable Mention All B1G. Last year was his best year of football during his college career and Purdue has to be extremely grateful for he coming to West Lafayette. He will solidify the Tackle Position for us, whether he stays at Right Tackle or moves over to the blind side.
  2. Will Bramel - 6-6, 310 Pounds - Junior - I do believe that Bramel will be in the mix at multiple positions this upcoming season. The 4th year junior has played all over the line during his career and is ready to make an impact... so are 9 other guys. He is a great utility knife for this offensive line.


  1. Cam Craig - 6-5, 310 Pounds - Sophomore - Do not be surprised to see Cam Craig starting at Left Tackle this season. Another younger player, but he played some his freshman year and was penciled in as a starter last year before having a season ending injury. Cam may be right there with Gus as our best Offensive Lineman
  2. Eric Miller - 6-7, 300 Pounds - Junior - While not playing a ton last year, he did a nice job of being available in a back up role. Miller is a tall, lanky offensive tackle that has never put on as much weight as I thought he would with that frame, but, nevertheless, he has been a nice back up. He will look to start at Left Tackle as well.


  1. D.J. Washington - 6-4, 315 Pounds - Senior - D.J. has had an up and down career, mostly due to injuries. If he can stay healthy all spring and summer, the 5th year senior ahs the ability to be one of the starting guards. There is nothing better than having an offensive line that is old and 5 years in a college weigh program,
  2. Mark Stickford - 6-5, 310 Pounds - Senior - Stickford has been around, forever. He was a late commit to Coach Brohm after he was hired. He has put on some weight and muscle and I would love to see him actually play. 5th year seniors in the trenches SHOULD ALWAYS PLAY, if they are capable. You know the saying, time to S**T or get off the pot


  1. Tyler Witt - 6-3, 305 Pounds - Grad Transfer - Witt was an All Conference lineman at Western Kentucky, both in the classroom and on the field. He should be able to walk in and contribute to the interior part of the offensive line.
  2. Kyle Jornigan - 6-4, 315 Pounds - Sophomore - Jornigan is a BIG fella. He played last year at guard and was generally in rotation each game. He is wide shouldered and a big, thick offensive lineman, if he is not starting, I would expect him to rotate often.


  1. Gus Hartwig - 6-5, 310 Pounds - Sophomore - Probably our next NFL lineman, Hartwig was very, very good as a full time starter as a Freshman. He will only get better. Having your best offensive lineman at center is generally a great thing. He has a bright future at Purdue. If he is not starting at Center, expect him to be at guard.
  2. Sam Garvin - 6-3, 295 Pounds - Senior - The former walk on started a season at Center before Hartwig came to town. If he is good enough to start, then we should move him around and let him play.

Others to Consider:

  • Jimmy McKenna - 6-5, 300 Pounds - Junior - if there was a year for him to make an impact, his 4th year on campus would be it, he has played sparingly.
  • Spencer Holstege - 6-5, 305 Pounds - Sophomore - I see Spencer as a versatile piece that can moved all around, he could also be a back up center behind Gus.
  • Josh Kaltenberger - 6-5, 310 Pounds - RS Frosh - He could add some additional depth to the interior part of the offensive line. He came in as a big strong recruit and has continued to transform his body at Purdue.