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The Transfer Portal: Should Purdue Keep Looking?

Might as well, right?

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

The Transfer Portal is still open season.

Players are in abundance and so is the talent available.

But, should or Boilermakers be involved much?

There are some holes, and some positions that could use help, so, why not? I am by no means clamoring that we fill up on positions we don’t need, such as wide receiver, but another defensive lineman? ABSOLUTELY. Linebackers? YES!

Here are some positions I think we may take a look at.


  • I do not see this as a glaring need by any means. But, Coach Brohm seems to think this is a glaring need ALWAYS. With no incoming freshman quarterback for the 2021 class, don’t be surprised if CJB swoops in and tries to nab a younger prospect in the transfer market.

Running Back:

  • With losing Tirek Murphy after just a few months at Purdue, we need to add a back to at least add depth. It appears that Horvath and Doerue will be the two lead backs, but after that? There is not much proven. If we could get a game changer there, it would be huge for the offense.

Defensive Line:

  • Always, always, always, take help at defensive line. We have already added the South Carolina Transfer, but there is never enough depth on the defensive line. Between injuries and keeping the big fellas fresh, I would take another body or two. Preferably another edge rusher and another interior guy.


  • Losing Derrick Barnes to the NFL was expected, but DeMarcus Mitchell could be putting his hand in the dirt too, leaving some questions outside of Jaylan Alexander and Jalen Graham. O.C. Brothers from Auburn is coming to town, but is unproven as well, could an older guy come in and make an impact?