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I Miss You, Mackey Arena

Tonight would be one of those special Mackey Arena Evenings

NCAA Basketball: Wisconsin at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I miss you, Mackey Arena.

I miss everything about those special evenings with 14,000 other Boilermakers, rattling the opposing team.

I miss seeing the desire to win in person and the appreciation this team shows to the 14,000 strong in attendance.

I miss seeing it all in person, seeing Coach Painter make adjustments, see the chicken man dance in the front row of the “Paint Crew”.

I miss it all.

It is hard to not believe that tonight, when Coach Painter’s young Boilermaker team hosts a Top 10 Michigan Team that Mackey Arena would not be the loudest Arena in the United States of America.

It is hard to not believe that Boilers far and wide would be visiting West Lafayette, visiting their Alma Mater, packing Harry’s and staying at the Union Hotel, just to see this young teamplay, a team that is so damn lovable.

A surging young Purdue Boilermaker team, a top 10 opponent and a continued climb to the top of the Big Ten Rankings, in a year where most people wrote this team off.

“Too young”.

“Not Athletic Enough”.

“No True Leader”.

Well, being too young has lead to our 5 freshmen growing right away, sure the early season was tough but now they are hitting their stride.

“Not Athletic Enough” has been written off with acrobatic plays by Jaden Ivey and Perimeter defense from Brandon Newman.

The “No True Leader” phrase has been thrown into the garbage disposal as well, as we have seen Trevion Williams become the player and leader we have all dreamed of.

Mackey Arena will be quiet tonight.

But, Boilermakers abroad will be loud.

I miss you, Mackey Arena. Even though we cannot be there in person, there are thousands of Purdue Fans wearing their Old Gold and Black today at work and will be glued to the TV tonight in what will be a great matchup.

I look forward to being back with my 14,000 friends in late November at Mackey Arena.

I miss you, Mackey Arena, but you will be full again, soon.