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Purdue Football: Brad Lambert Named Defensive Coordinator

A solid veteran is going to lead the defense.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 13 Western Kentucky at Charlotte Photo by Steve Roberts/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

A former head coach.

A veteran defensive coordinator.

A hard worker.

Welcome, Coach Brad Lambert.

Coach Lambert has been around the coaching profession for a long time and the 56 year old’s next stop will be leading the Purdue Defense.

In what is Coach Brohm’s most important hire to date, he went back to what his hires looked like when he arrived on campus.

No glitz. No glamor. A Blue Collar Hard Worker.

We can all be honest, the Bob Diaco was a weird hire from the get go, no real connections, not that old school, gritty mentality that Coach Brohm has with the rest of his staff.

But, he was a flash in the pan - at one point it seemed like he was going to be fired mid season with some of the comments Coach Brohm was making.

Well, Coach Lambert, you are walking into a defensive that is starting to grow old.

George Karlaftis, Jalen Graham, Jaylan Alexander, Cory Trice, Cam Allen, DeMarcus Mitchell and many more are ready to make the next step and make that Purdue defense solid again.

While many of you will state in the comments Coach Brohm “missed” on his guys that were in front of Coach Lambert - how can we say so? After Doc Holliday was fired, Coach Lambert wanted to put his name in the head coaching pool and had to go through that process.

Maybe, Coach Lambert was the #1 choice for Coach Brohm and if he would have gotten the head coaching job, then we would have missed.

In 2020, Coach Lambert had the #1 rated defense in the nation. Many will say “against who though!”

Does it matter? He held his opponents to 13 points per game, with a conference USA talented defense.

He didn’t have a George Karlaftis.

A Cam Allen.

A Jalen Graham.

A DeMarcus Mitchell.

He coached his butt off and the proof is in the pudding. They won games with their defense. At one point, Marshall was in the top 25. In 2019, his Marshall defense was 47th in the nation - still much higher than ours was.


I don’t care where anyone coached at. If the guy can coach, the guy can coach. Bob Diaco was a high profile hire that was hyped up and failed.

Lets see how a Blue Collar, Hard Working coach is going to do for Purdue.

By the way, he has great help. Mark Hagen, Anthony Poindexter and Ron English are no slouches when it comes to coaching football. It is a veteran staff with a lot of experience that will know what is going on.

Welcome to Purdue, Coach. Boiler Up.