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2021 Purdue Football Season

Behind the Rails: Episode 5 - Notre Dame Preview (Sort of)


Purdue-Notre Dame: A Q&A with One Foot Down

Our SB Nation counterparts stop by for a chat.

Purdue Offense vs Notre Dame Defense - By the Numbers

Purdue’s offense stacks up well against the Notre Dame defense in this one.

Purdue at Notre Dame Preview

Purdue has a shot on Saturday.

Behind the Rails Episode 4: UConn Wrap

Travis and Kory go a little more in depth on the blowout of UConn

Purdue at Notre Dame GameDay Vitals

It’s time to play under the Golden Dome.

This stream has:

Purdue (2-0) at #12/#10 Notre Dame (2-0)

Remember that Shillelagh Trophy thing?

Purdue 49, UConn 0: In Tweets

Purdue won by so much we were bored in the second half.

Purdue 49, UConn 0: Business Time

All is well with a blowout win.

Purdue at UConn GameThread & How to Watch

This should be a win.

Hammer and Rails Podcast - UConn Predictions

Casey and Andrew discuss the upcoming game against UConn.

Purdue at Connecticut: 5 Things to Look For

Another opportunity for a win is on the horizon.

Behind the Rails Episode 3: UConn Preview

It’s time to look at UConn in podcast form.

Purdue-UConn: A Q&A with the UConn Blog

How confident are our opposing fans?

Purdue Football: The Defensive Secondary, The Time is Now.

There is finally a lot of experience back there and it should pay dividends

Purdue at UConn Preview

In short, they are not good.

Purdue Football: Film Breakdown #1 - Welcome to the Brohmfence.

After a year of frustration, Coach Brohm dug into his bag of tricks with solid results on Saturday.

Game Day Vitals: Purdue @ Connecticut

Week 2!

Randy Edsall Out as UConn Coach Before Purdue Game

It’s interim coach time in Storrs.

This stream has:

Purdue (1-0) at UConn (0-2) Game Center

Purdue is a gigantic road favorite here.

Purdue 30, Oregon State 21: In Tweets

Purdue won! An Opener! With fans and everything,

Purdue 30, Oregon State 21: Step 1 Complete

The momentum meter edges to positive.

Oregon State at Purdue: GameThread & How to Watch

Ross-Ade Stadium with fans? It will never take off.

0 Days to Purdue Football: Milton Wright


1 Day to Purdue Football: Dedrick Mackey & Michael Alaimo


Behind the Rails Episode 1: Oregon State Preview

It’s a new Podcast with one of the all-time Purdue greats

Purdue Football: Oregon State Offense by the Numbers

A look back at Oregon State and Purdue’s 2020 offense sheds light on the 2021 matchup.

Week 1 Big Ten Preview

The conference gets going in earnest this week.

Purdue-Oregon State: A Q&A with Building the Dam

Sadly, no beaver jokes.

2 Days to Purdue Football: Abdur-Rahmaan Yaseen

Have Yaseen this kid yet?

Oregon State at Purdue Preview

We should have a fun one on Saturday night.

3 Days to Purdue Football: David Bell

He’s one of the best receivers in America.