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EVERYBODY IN! ACC Proposes All-in 2021 NCAA Tournament


NCAA East Regional Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The greatest sporting event there ever has been was the old Indiana High School Basketball Tournament as it existed through the 1997 season. I deeply miss the all-in format where small school over big school upsets were treasured and even memorialized in the movie Hoosiers, based on the 1954 Milan Miracle (though it wasn’t a huge miracle, as Milan had made the Final Four the previous season). I have so many fond memories of it, one of them even being a Kokomo loss, as in 1990 my beloved Wildkats were coming off of a state runner-up finish and even spent two weeks as the No. 1 ranked team in the state, but were upset by Western in the sectional semifinals in one of the biggest wins in that school’s history. I have to say it was cool to see them absolutely lose their minds because they pulled off the huge upset.

I miss that tournament and we should return to it here in Indiana. We might get a taste of it though in 2021 if the ACC has its way:


There are currently 350 members of Division I, with an additional seven schools in transition from Division II. That is pretty close to the 381 schools that participated in the final one-class tournament here in Indiana in 1997. That makes it even easier as to how you set this up. You go with 64 sectionals based on geography, each with 5-6 teams, and the 64 sectional winners make the more traditional tournament. For example: Purdue could be in a six-team sectional pod with Valparaiso, Indiana State, Purdue-Fort Wayne, Ball State, and IUPUI. In this case Purdue can host the first round like other major schools would. You might have some overlap of multiple major conference programs into sectionals, but my response to this is TOO EFFING BAD BECAUSE THIS IS TOO MUCH FUN OF AN IDEA.

Also, this is a great chance to throw Purdue-Fort Wayne in with Indiana and give us possibility of sheer hilarity of the Mastodons maintain their undefeated record with IU. Hey, at least this means Archie finally gets IU back into the tournament.

There are no negatives with this plan and why are we not doing his right now?