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Purdue Football: What Would Have Been the Results from Week 1 vs Nebraska

My prediction on how week 1 against Nebraska would have went.

Indiana v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

This past weekend, Labor Day Weekend, would have been the opening weekend for the Big Ten, if we were having a season.

Our Purdue Boilermakers were slated to play against the always underachieving Nebraska Cornhuskers, a match up in which Jeff Brohm has done pretty well in years past.

But, alas, there was no Big Ten Football. Although, there was football, making the Big Ten appear as if they pulled the plug early - also leading to rumors that they may try to start before the spring now?

No one actually knows.

Although I am depressed as I did not get to watch our Boilers on Labor Day Weekend and T-Mill is venting through NCAA 14, I am going to give a prediction each week, with games that were supposed to happen originally, including the non conference schedule.

Also, since these games aren’t actually happening, I will be overly optimistic and probably have us winning more games than what would have actually happened, because, why not.

So, shall we take a look at week 1?

Week 1:

@ Nebraska Cornhuskers

2019 Results: 5-7 (Purdue W 31-27)

Offense: 28 PPG

Defense: 27.8 PPG Allowed

Key Returnees: Adrian Martinez (QB), Wandale Robinson(WR/RB), Maurice Washington (RB), Cam Taylor (DB),

Notes: Lost 9 of 10 top defensive tacklers, Top WR JD Spielman transferred to TCU.

The fact that Nebraska lost 9 of their top 10 tacklers, alone gives me enough confidence in this prediction.

Returning defensive back, Cam Taylor would have his hands full with David Bell on the outside, but with uncertainty everywhere else don their defense, my gut says Purdue would have scored in the mid 30s to low 40s to win this game.

Adrian Martinez returning for Nebraska helps, but since his freshman season, he has been less than impressive and injury prone as well. Last season, he threw under 2,000 yards and had 10 touchdowns to 9 interceptions.

Wandale Robinson would provide a mismatch for us in the slot. But, he truthfully the only skill guy that worries me from their team.

With switching to the 3-4 defense, big Lorenzo Neal Jr. would help with plugging up the running lanes from running back Maurice Washington. As always, we would have to worry about the mobile QB, as that seems to hurt Purdue more than any other team in the nation - I am not sure why.

But for Purdue, I do not thing Nebraska has the guys to match up with David Bell, Maliq Carr, Milton Wright and Amad Anderson Jr. Not only that, we have three tight ends, while inexperienced, have the size and speed to provide mismatches against their defense, Tight End has hurt Nebraska in the past.

Whoever would be quarterbacking the team, my guess would have been Jack Plummer, would have a plethora of weapons to throw the ball all over the field. Nebraska wasn’t great at getting after the quarterback last season and with the departure of some defensive linemen, that would have stayed the same.

Plus, Jeff Brohm is a better football coach than Scott Frost.

Boilermakers 45 Cornhuskers 27