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The Virtual 2020 Purdue Season Starts TONIGHT

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 02 Nebraska at Purdue Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The votes are in and you readers have decided to start the virtual 2020 Purdue season played on Playstation 3’s NCAA ‘14 tonight. Since I am covering the Zionsville at Westfield game i won’t be getting home until around 10pm, so by the time I write my story it will be 10:45-11pm by the time i can get the Twitch stream up and running.

As a reminder, the game will be live on the Hammer & Rails Twitch Stream. Here are the general parameters for the game I’ll play:

  • 7 minute quarters - Five minute ones are too long and 15 take forever. 7 minutes is a good balance because I don’t work the clock down anyway.
  • All-American Difficulty Level - I wanted some realism here. I was a little rusty with this and tried to practice the other day and immediately threw four first half interceptions with Jack Plummer because I selected the wrong playbook and wasn’t familiar with my usual routes.
  • Purdue Playbook - Not going to go with the generic spread. Just going to go with the Purdue one originally in the game in 2013.
  • Opposing teams also have accurate 2020 rosters - That’s what makes this fun. The roster file has the other teams too and the skill levels for each have been adjusted.

See you tonight!