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Good News: Watch Kevin Plawecki Meet His Son Again

Let’s see something good today.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Miami Marlins Rhona Wise-USA TODAY Sports

We all need some good news these days with a global pandemic going on, social unrest, an election beating us over the head with ads, limited college football, and Indiana basketball still existing as a thing. So let’s go to a Purdue baseball alum. Kevin Plawecki was the Big Ten Player of the Year in 2012 as Purdue won the conference and hosted a regional. He was eventually a first round MLB draft pick and has since bounced around the Majors with the Mets, Indians, and Red Sox.

Like many players in the big four pro sports since everything restarted in early August, he has been quarantined and working away from his family. The Red Sox as a whole sucked this year, however, and their season is over. That means Kevin is home:

Go hug your kids today. Some guys didn’t get to do it for a few months. Trust me, it helps.