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Purdue Sports: Someone is Suspended

But we don’t know who.

Iowa v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

In one of the more cryptic releases I have seen in doing this gig Purdue has some athletes suspended:

This is cryptic for a lot of reasons. First of all, technically EVERYONE is out of season. Sure, football is getting ready for the new season opener on October 24th, but that is the only sport that is even close to being “In season” at this point.

Second, it doesn’t say what these suspensions entail. Are they suspensions from competition? Are they suspensions from school itself? Are they practice suspensions?

Third, was it even a COVID issue? How do we know that half the women’s soccer team wasn’t planning an elaborate heist over the weekend?

So, in short, we have 13 student athletes that did something and they are facing a suspension. I guess we can take anything from that.

Personally, I am going to believe in the heist theory because that is a lot more fun.

UPDATE: The Exponent has more:

Fourteen Purdue students, including 13 student-athletes, have been suspended from campus for Protect Purdue violations according to a Purdue News release.

The 14 students were caught hosting a party in a residence hall on Saturday, and were summarily suspended today per Associate Vice Provost and Dean of Students Katie Sermersheim. The students’ actions were found to be in violation of the Protect Purdue Pledge.

The 13 athletes were referred to as “out-of-season student-athletes” in a statement from Purdue Athletics. The names of the student-athletes and their respective sports were not disclosed.

Sermershiem reminded students of the seriousness of the Pledge in the University’s statement.