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Purdue Football: Rondale Moore is Back, What Should We Expect?

The dynamic slot receiver is officially back, now, expectations.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 28 Minnesota at Purdue Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

You’ve heard the news. Number 4 is back.

After waiting a week after the announcement of the return to play for the B1G, Rondale went on ESPN 2 to announce he is coming back for the shortened season.

He stated the new precautions set forth by the Big Ten lead to his return, but there is probably other factors. He also stated he wants to prove he is the best wide receiver in college football, while that is hard to argue against, I agree, he will get the chance.

This will only help his NFL Draft Stock, where he was projected anywhere from a round 1 selection to a round 3 selection.

But, his return not only will help him, it will help these guys too.

David Bell

Milton Wright

Amad Anderson Jr.

Maliq Carr

Abdur-Rahmaan Yaseen

T.J. Sheffield

Mershawn Rice

Collin Sullivan

Marcellus Moore

Kory Taylor

Jake Smith

Jackson Anthrop

Daniel Roach

Jared Sparks

In more ways that they may get less attention from defenses too.

Rondale Moore has been a great player on and off the field since the day he arrived. He has never stopped working and it has translated to the field.

The younger guys on the roster will get a chance now to see this man work. He didn’t just get to where he is, putting himself in the conversation of being a first round pick because his God Given Speed.

Coach Shep has said time and time again that he is the hardest worker he has seen. First to arrive, last to leave type of guy. He is the strongest player on the team pound for pound. Probably the Big Ten.

Of course, the 4.4 speed helps, but he has worked on his craft and after his freshman season he was named a Consensus All American, something a freshman hasn’t gotten since, Adrian Peterson, he has been pretty good.

We went from having the best wide receiver in the Big Ten with David Bell to now having the best two wide receivers in the Big Ten.

This relieves a bit of pressure for the true sophomore, David Bell, who filled in admirably for Rondale after his injury last fall.

But, it isn’t just David Bell who benefits. Now you are talking about Amad Anderson Jr. getting one on one match ups with corners, a match up where he wins more often than not.

Or the tight end body of Maliq Carr getting matched up with a safety or linebacker in the opposite slot, where he is too big for a safety and too fast for linebacker.

Or the added wrinkle in the run game, where as a freshman, Rondale had 21 carries for 213 yards, an average of over 10 yards per carry.

I bet Jack Plummer is over the moon too, or AOC or Austin Burton. Whoever is playing quarterback.

Does the return of Rondale Moore lead Purdue to the Big Ten Championship? Probably not. But it brings excitement into October and Big Ten Football that no one has gotten in 2020.

Does Rondale Moore coming back terrify other defenses and now they have to prep for everything we could do with him? Absolutely.

I was hammering the O/U that Vegas had Purdue had before the return of Rondale Moore at 3.5 wins.

Now I am more than confident in that over of 3.5 wins.

Welcome back, Rondale Moore. Lets solidify your first round pick status and allow you to prove you are the best Wide Receiver in the Nation.