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Vegas Doesn’t Believe in 2020 Purdue Football

It is a shockingly low over/under for an easy schedule.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 24 Purdue at Indiana Photo by James Black/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We actually have a schedule (for now) and the promise of football in a little over a month. That means it is over/under time for those inclined to bet. is not high on Purdue for this weird, truncated season:

Ohio State

Over/Under 8.5

Penn State

Over/Under 7.5


Over/Under 7


Over/Under 6.5


Over/Under 6.5


Over/Under 5.5


Over/Under 5


Over/Under 5


Over/Under 4


Over/Under 3.5

Michigan State

Over/Under 3.5


Over/Under 3.5


Over/Under 2.5


Over/Under 1.5

Some interesting points here. Since this includes the 9th game that is the east/west crossover at the end of the season you’re basically betting on Ohio State going undefeated. they have crossovers with Nebraska and Illinois, but Penn State will be tough. With Indiana you’re looking at six wins to hit the over when they do have to play Ohio State, Penn State, and Michigan, who they have collectively beaten once in the past 30+ years. They also have a crossover with Wisconsin.

For Purdue, 3.5 wins is awfully lean. We will beat Rutgers, so that is one. I really like our chances against Illinois and Northwestern, so that already gets us to three. Jeff Brohm has had a good run against Iowa, plus Nebraska and Indiana are games Purdue can win.Who knows who we would get in the Champions week, too.

I would take the over, but then again, I said you could hammer the over on Purdue basketball getting to 20 regular season wins last season and that didn’t work.

ON an unrelated note, I am now homeless.