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2020 Virtual Purdue Season Continues vs. Air Force

Time for some triple-option fun.

Air Force at Navy Paul W. Gillespie/Capital Gazette/Baltimore Sun/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

One of the bigger and more unfortunate losses when the season was cancelled was the option to see, well, the option. I was looking forward to the Air Force game because the triple-option, when run well, is often a thing of beauty to watch.

Well, we can still see it. Even though the season is back on (for now) I asked readers on Twitter if they wanted to continue the virtual season experience and they decided to keep it going. So let’s do that! I have commitments tomorrow morning and early afternoon, so I will be playing the Air Force game this afternoon. I will also speed these up to about two a week so we can complete the experiment before the season actually starts.

Time: 3pm-ish Friday September 19, 2020

Opponent: Air Force Falcons

Where: Hammer & Rails Twitch Stream.

Platform: NCAA ‘14 on PS3

Sideline Reporting: My cat Ventress

You can find our season stats here. I should have the sound issues fixed, and I am not spending $100 on a capture card for PS3 because I am not THAT much of a nerd.