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Boilers in the Pros: Is it Super Bowl or Bust for Drew Brees this Season?

Will the GOAT continue his excellent play in 2020?

Nebraska v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

77, 416 Yards.

547 Touchdown.

98.4 Quarterback Rating.

Drew Brees is arguably, the best to ever play the quarterback position.

Entering year 20, the expectations are sky high for the New Orleans Saints and Brees.

He has been a couple of plays away the last two seasons from being in the Super Bowl, again. But, as they say, Football is a game of inches.

Last season he battled through an injury, but was still able to post just under 3,000 yards, 27 touchdowns to 4 interceptions. In year 19.

In year 20, expect him to be around 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns again. Something that has been commonplace since about 2005.

Going on 41 years of age, Brees has escaped Father Time, similar to Tom Brady. While not have Bill Belichek, Sean Payton has been very good to Drew as well.

The all time leader in both passing yards and touchdowns in NFL History has a dynamic offensive group at his disposal this season as well. Mike Thomas, who I believe is the best wide receiver in the NFL due to his skill and having Drew Brees at Quarterback, is back again.

Alvin Kamara is back as his do it all back. They have added veteran Emmanuel Sanders to the group and long time tight end, Jared Cook will make a difference.

Drew Brees, is simply the best. A true pro. Drew has helped out the New Orleans Community for over a decade with his generous donations to the community after events. Drew is also a generous donor to Purdue Athletics, often making time back to come back to Purdue and speak to the team.

The once under recruited quarterback coming out of high school has turned into being one of the GOATS of his position.

But, even though he has escaped Father Time so far, at some point he will catch up. The window is closing, his roster around him is stacked. It is Super Bowl or bust for the Drew Brees lead New Orleans Saints.

He deserves another.