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Purdue Football: Big Ten Schedule Released!

While the schedule has been released, the Commish has stated that this does not guarantee a season.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 28 Minnesota at Purdue Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This morning, the Big Ten announced the tentative schedule for the upcoming season.

While we all knew it was going to be tough, a 10 game Big Ten Conference Schedule will be tough for everyone, but who knew PURDUE WOULD GET THE FREAKING MEAT GRINDER IN SEPTEMBER!

As it stands now, in September, Purdue plays these four teams:

Game 1: Open with at Michigan, September 3-5. (We will complain about your away locker rooms now, Jim!)

Game 2: Home vs Iowa - Coach Brohm has had success against Iowa since coming to Purdue. Beating them in 2018 and 2017.

Game 3: Home vs Ohio State. We all know what happened last time. Bring it on, O$U.

Game 4: At Illinois. Coach Brohm is 2-1 against Illinois. Last year was hard to watch.

For the month of October, it goes as follows:

October 3rd - Bye Week.

Game 5: At Wisconsin. Jonathan Taylor is GONE FINALLY. We lost by 3 in 2018 and I believe 8 in 2017, we for some reason, generally match up pretty well with their Power Run Scheme.

Game 6: Home vs Rutgers. Revenge Szn.

Game 7: At Minnesota. In 2019 we played a ranked Minnesota team close, losing by only 7. Can Coach Brohm even the series up against, #RowTheBoat ?

Game 8: Home vs Northwestern. Halloween Night. Let’s get weird.

And lastly, November.

November 7th: Bye Week.

Game 9: Home vs Nebraska. Another L for Nebraska. Jeff Brohm is 3-0 vs the Huskers.

Game 10: At IU. The Bucket will be coming back after a 1 year lapse, where we had like 1 million injuries.

December 5th: Big Ten Championship Game

What are your thoughts on the schedule? What is your prediction? Drop it in the comments!