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Purdue Football: Jeff Brohm is Making Purdue Front Page News

Jeff Brohm is actually a genius.

Iowa v Purdue

By now, you have probably at least heard of Coach Brohm’s return to play plan he put together earlier this week.

It has made national headlines, being featured across all of the sport’s apps possible and he even made a couple of appearances on Fox News to talk about his plan.

His big pitch - he did not want to wait around for others to maybe make a plan, he wanted a solid plan, in detail that he could give all of the Big Ten Presidents, as he wants to get his guys on the field this spring, even if that means a shorter fall 21 season.

In that quick, 2 minute video, Coach Brohm talks about a variety of items. Why his plan could work, why he was proactive and most importantly, how there should be a vaccine and most importantly, the health and safety of the players of the Big Ten.

If a vaccine is readily available by the Spring, which it appears there may be a couple of options by then, there may be a chance to watch some football in Big Ten Stadiums.

So, since we have already written about this and you have heard about it as well, why am I writing anything on it?

Well, I am not sure if Coach Brohm intentionally meant to do this or not, but, he looks like a genius. The Purdue Brand is now all over the nation with this plan with his multiple appearances, social media blowing it up and the sports apps talking about it.

When the Big Ten decided to move to the Spring, everyone talked about how it was going to hurt the brands of the school, how it will hurt recruiting and all of the negative impacts.

In fact, while no fall football stinks, Coach Brohm has appeared proactive, a leader and well spoken. All while putting the health and safety first of his athletes.

Parents, which many of our readers are, can probably agree, the number one priority for their child is ensuring their safety no matter what. Coach Brohm is doing a great job of outlining the safety protocols, while understanding this fall decision was out his hands.

He has appeared proactive in terms of player’s health, with the limited spring season and shortened fall season, while bringing up it is a lot of games, many NFL rookies can play anywhere from 19 to 23 games with preseason games and NFL playoffs.

Lastly, he has done what no Athletic Director, President or other Head Football Coach across the United States has done. He actually created something that should work. The NCAA had from MARCH to figure something out - they basically said to the conferences - “You do it, you figure it out.”

This is going to bankrupt many athletic departments, especially at smaller institutions. The NCAA should have had a plan that would have catered to all of their members, instead of saying - “You Deal With It.”

While many player would have preferred to play this fall. It has to be reassuring that there is one leader in the Big Ten Conference doing something.

Our very own Head Football Coach, Jeff Brohm. Thanks, Coach for putting a detailed plan together that will force the hands of higher ups to actually plan and to just say “You Deal With It.”

Is it March yet? Let’s Play Some Big Ten Football.