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Let’s Get Weird Sports #22: Montreal Baseball

It’s time to talk about the strangest franchise in Major League Baseball.

The Montreal Expos are one of the strangest franchises in professional sports. They played in a stadium that cost over a billion dollars, but was falling apart, was delivered late, and had a roof that was supposed to retract and never really worked. They once had Pete Rose on the roster and he parlayed it into the “Canadian” Baseball Hall of Fame. They once played part of their season in Puerto Rico. They were once limited in what they could do in terms of player management because Major League Baseball owned them. They had a design for Labatt Park (seen above) which was never realized.

That makes them he subject of the latest Let’s Get Weird Sports Podcast, as Paul and T-Mill discuss Le State de Olympique, the Expos, and touch on the cancellation of college football.