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Happy Fourth of July from Hammer & Rails

Let’s hope for some good news over the next few weeks, because we definitely need it.

Annual Macy’s 4th Of July Fireworks In NYC Spread Out Over Six Nights Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

It has been a year, hasn’t it? This is the 186th day of 2020. Of course this hell year is a leap year, making it literally longer than most years. We have 180 to go, so a little under half is left. It is hard to believe that there have been no real sports in the U.S. to report on since March 11th. I am reading a book right now and as a bookmark I have the hospitality pass from the last sporting event I attended: the Noblesville basketball section between Zionsville and Westfield on March 6th.

That feels like decades ago.

Nine weeks from today the 2020 Purdue football season is allegedly supposed to start. I say “allegedly” because I have strong doubts on if it will happen, but until told otherwise I will act like we’re going forward. Sadly, the mere mention of that seems to be devisive as society has devolved into bickering over every little thing. I have seen it in our Facebook comments on Twitter, and even here in the site comments. Instead of banding together over the last 4 months we as a society seem to have fallen into the “Everyone for themselves!” trap. It is demoralizing.

I am not getting into that though. I just want to come here and wish everyone a happy Fourth and to start a thread of some good news. Tomorrow we get some basketball-related substance as the Men of Mackey with Evan Boudreaux, Isaac Haas, Jon Octeus, Johnny Hill, and Jacquil Taylor will take the floor in Columbus with the rest of the Men of Mackey. Let that be the start of the good news thread here.

So that is mine, add yours in the comments. Good news only.