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VIDEO: Interview With Purdue’s All-Time Touchdown Leader Kory Sheets

The former Purdue running back joined H&R from Tampa, Florida!

One of the greatest running backs to ever suit up for the Purdue Boilermakers kindly joined us for an interview, Kory Sheets!

Sheets was an absolute monster for the Boilers as he is second all-time in rushing attempts, rushing yards, all-purpose yards and points while also holding the record for most total touchdowns in Purdue history. He scored AT LEAST 10 touchdowns in each of his four seasons in West Lafayette.

A big thank you to Kory for taking the time to do this, it was an honor to chat with him.

During our interview, we discussed:

  • How he is recovering from another back surgery.
  • Why he think college football should be played in the spring this upcoming season.
  • The impact that no CFB season would have on the athletes.
  • Reflecting on his time at Purdue, why he would have said he hated it if you asked him while he was there.
  • How Purdue helped him in his transition to the pro level.
  • His time in the CFL and why he was more successful at that level.
  • The differences and similarities between NFL & CFL.
  • How his achilles injury put him in a deep depression.
  • How he handles his stress and why seeing a therapist is one of the best things you can do for yourself.
  • What he is doing now and how he has been able to try many different things in life after football.

You guys can view the interview on YouTube via the link below! Happy Friday everyone, hope you enjoy. Boiler Up!