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Freshman Football Spotlight: Marcellus Moore

You said we needed more speed, well you got Moore.

Track and Field: Brooks PR Invitational
Marcellus Moore, far left
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Name: Marcellus Moore

Position & Size: WR/RB, 5-8, 170 Pounds

Strengths: Fast, Faster, Fastest player on the field, ability to move around to different spots, return ability

Weaknesses: Small for big ten player (who cares when you are that fast), Strength

2020 Prediction: Special Teams Contributor & Special Role on Offense

Speed is God given.

Lucky for Purdue Football, we may have the two fastest players on the field this fall, ironically enough, both with the same last name.

Marcellus could absolutely benefit from a redshirt year, but, I want to say he is the best sprinter for track & field. While his scholarship is for football, he will thrive on the track team just as much.

Marcellus enrolled early, in January, but he did not partake in the winter and spring workouts. Instead, he ran with the track team, which was no issue with the Purdue Football staff. They see he is a special talent and want to let him thrive.

He is very special in fact, as a 17 year old running against many veteran college athletes. Marcellus placed 3rd in the 60 M for the Big Ten running a 6.69 (nice) time. As well as placing 4th in the 200, with a time of 21.01 seconds.

Again, he was supposed to be a senior in high school destroying kids, instead, he was beating 21 year olds as a teenager.

By the end of indoor season, he was top 40 in both the 60M and 200M dash in the NCAA.

While these are all track accolades, it is hard to keep that speed off the football field.

I believe he will make a massive impact on what was a below average return game in 2019, both kick return and punt. There will be ways for Coach Brohm to also get him on the field for offense.

Again, while he may be smaller than most Big Ten football players. He is much faster and they have to catch him first.

Welcome to Purdue, Marcellus. Boiler Up!