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Purdue Athletics: Athletes to Return!


NCAA Football: Purdue at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It has been an extremely long spring and now into the summer.

No sports, no good news and quite frankly, the first half of the year has been awful.

But, good news is on the way. It appears that as more data keeps spilling out from scientists and the CDC, the more likely sports are going to kick back up.

MLB and NBA in July seem like it will happen, as well as the NHL. NFL will play this fall, with fans or without.

But for Purdue, we had been waiting for guidance from the NCAA. It appears to have gotten some as AD Mike Bobinski reported that Athletes will start coming back to Purdue as soon as June 8th.. 6 days!

While some conferences were mandating dates, the Big Ten opted to let each university decide, as each community has been hit by COVID differently.

Bobinski, per the SI article, is making it a phased plan and not an all aboard approach right off the bat. It appears that football will be next week, followed by Men’s Basketball then Women’s Basketball.

While games have not been cemented in, everything is pointing that there will be a season this fall.

In my opinion, while uneducated, local gyms are opening all over the United States. Bringing the athletes back to Purdue, where they will get a world class weight room, will be ensured to have housing and be fed better than most of us, is a great idea.

These workouts do appear to be voluntary, but I would guess about 99% of the athletes will return.

Now, lets continue the football countdown posts. We are so close to the season!