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Men of Mackey: Jacquil Taylor Joins the Show!

JT is back and ready to represent Purdue!

Texas Tech v Purdue Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The Men of Mackey Team made an announcement late evening yesterday, adding a familiar name to the team in Jaquil Taylor.

JT was part of the recruiting class of Isaac Haas, Dakota Mathias and PJ Thompson that helped change the culture back at Purdue to what it needed to be. He was a part of a couple of the Sweet 16 Teams.

While Jacquil had a limited role at Purdue, mostly due to injuries that nagged him during his 3 years with us, he Grad Transferred to Hofstra where he averaged 8 Points and almost 9 rebounds per game. He started every game there.

Then he went overseas playing in Denmark, averaging a double double.

We are very excited to welcome Jacquil back to a Purdue team in some fashion. He will do a a great job!

Congratulations, Jacquil.