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Purdue Season Ticket Sales Update

Season ticket sales are strong, but COVID-19 will be a factor.

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Ohio State v Purdue Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Purdue has seen its season ticket sales spoken recent seasons, mostly because of “winning football” and “investment in the program”. Even after an injury riddled 2019 season and a global pandemic Purdue is reporting strong sales for 2020:

The current standing of 2020 football season ticket sales was released today by Purdue Athletics. To date, Purdue has had more than 26,000 season tickets claimed, including over 1,400 new season tickets and 6,300 student season tickets, known as the Boarding Pass.

Of course, that doesn’t mean 26,000 people will be in the stands. The current capacity is 57,236, and Purdue has topped 60,000 a couple of times the past three years:

Purdue Football Attendance

2016 Attendance 2017 Attendance 2018 Attendance 2019 Attendance
2016 Attendance 2017 Attendance 2018 Attendance 2019 Attendance
Eastern Kentucky 32,074 Ohio 45,633 Northwestern 47,410 Vanderbilt 50,506
Cincinnati 33,068 Michigan 60,042 E. Michigan 47,661 TCU 60,037
Nevada 41,607 Minnesota 42,085 Missouri 48,103 Minnesota 50,629
Iowa 40,239 Nebraska 41,411 Boston College 47,119 Maryland 52,296
Penn State 33,157 Illinois 46,027 Ohio State 60,716 Illinois 58,735
Northwestern 30,548 Indiana 52,105 Iowa 60,716 Nebraska 50,606
Wisconsin 30,465 Wisconsin 46,114 Indiana 55,338
TOTAL 241,158 TOTAL 287,303 TOTAL 357839 TOTAL 378147
AVERAGE 34451.14286 AVERAGE 47883.83333 AVERAGE 51119.85714 AVERAGE 54021
2021 Attendance
Oregon State 53,656
Illinois 52,840
Minnesota 51,111
Wisconsin 61,320
Michigan State 57,748
Indiana 61,320
TOTAL 337,995
AVERAGE 56332.5

Just last week President Mitch Daniels mentioned that attendance will almost certainly be limited:

“Can’t speak for any others but we are not looking at going beyond one-fourth (25%) of the capacity of our 57,000 seat stadium right now,” Daniels told the committee. “This has been mapped out just as we have mapped our classrooms and dorm rooms to measure distance and exceed the requirements.”

Per the current capacity that would be 14,309 fans in the stands, meaning we’ve already passed that limit. Surprisingly, you can still purchase tickets through Purdue. Other schools, like Michigan State, have officially suspended season ticket sales. Others, like Iowa State, have announced a policy of limiting sales and not selling single game tickets.

One year ago today, without a pandemic, Purdue was sitting at about 21,500 season tickets sold.