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Purdue Football Recruiting: 2021 Most Wanted - Addendum

I screwed up and left off one of my favorite players from the list yesterday....ladies and gentleman, I present Kyran Montgomery.

Indiana v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Hey y’all, like a good many of you, I’m currently working under duress. My 5 year old developed a crazed look in her eyes around Wednesday of last week, and was full on insane yesterday. I got up midway through writing my article to make sure she wan’t burning down the house, and when I sat back down, I skipped over one of my favorite players in 2021 class.

Since I doubt many of you go back and reread articles, I’ll give Kyran Montgomery his own short piece today.

Kyran Montgomery - 3* (87) DE/OLB - 6’4, 230 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Montgomery, out of Pike High School in Indianapolis, is the premiere pass rusher in the state of Indiana for 2021. While I like Center Grove DE Austin Booker as a 3-4 end, I like Montgomery as a 3-4 outside linebacker.

When I look at the outside linebacker in Bob Diaco’s defense, it’s at its best when he has big guys coming off the edge. Last season, Diaco featured a more hybrid 3-4-4 / 3-3-5 look than a true 3-4. The 3-3-5 look features 2 middle linebackers, an outside linebacker he calls the “Cat” position, and an extra safety. It’s similar to the defense Iowa State plays and Clemson played last year.

Last season at Louisiana Tech, he moved former starting defensive end Willie Baker (6’3, 250) back a level to “Cat” position. This season, Diaco will do the same with Derrick Barnes (6’1, 245), and I think Barnes is going to blow up in his new role.

I see Montgomery as a guy that could come in and fill the “Cat” role for the Boilermakers. He’s got plenty of room to fill out his 6’5 frame, and he flashes the athleticism to both rush the passer and drop back and cover in zone defense. His long frame coming off the edge would give opposing quarterbacks fits in the short passing game.

A 2021 Purdue linebacker class featuring the following players would instantly shore up the linebacker position moving forward for the Boilermakers.

Tristan Cox - ILB - 6’3, 235

Khordae Sydnor - OLB/DE - 6’4, 230

Yanni Karlaftis - OLB/S - 6’3, 215

Kyran Montgomery - OLB/DE - 6’5, 230

Putting Montgomery on a list of players I like, and Purdue actually signed Montgomery are two different deals entirely. Kyran is one of the most sought after defenders in the Midwest. He has 20 listed offers, including Penn State, Iowa, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Maryland in the Big 10. Iowa, in particular, has carved out a solid pipeline from Indianapolis that I would love to see Purdue put a dent in this recruiting class. If Purdue wants to find the consistency that the Hawkeyes have on a year to year basis, keeping a stud like Montgomery home is a good place to start.

I have no insight into Montgomery’s recruitment, but from an outside perspective, Purdue makes a ton of sense. The depth chart is wide open with Barnes leaving and Montgomery has the physical tools to come in and make an early impact.

Let’s hope he agrees with me.


Looking back on yesterdays article, I want to clear something up in my “other players I like” section.

Donaven McCulley - I’ve mentioned before that I think Purdue is carrying too many scholarship quarterbacks at the moment. That said, McCulley is 100% a take for Purdue if he wants to come. Aidan O’Connell and Austin Burton are both juniors this season, I would rather Purdue take an in-state star like McCulley this year and skip the QB position in 2022 (assuming no further attrition, which is a huge and probably incorrect assumption).

Joshua Sales - I’ve always been an advocate of taking 5 offensive linemen in every class. I think 4 is the limit in this class because of limited scholarships, and Sales should be one of those 4 if he wants to play in West Lafayette.

I’m frustrated with the current state of the line, and overall development, but hope springs eternal that 2020 is the year that we start seeing the investment in the offensive line pan out. The depth chart appears to be wide open at both tackle positions after the 2020 season, and adding a talented in-state guy like Sales to come in and compete for a spot in the two deeps can only be seen as a positive.