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Boilers Helping Boilers

We need to continue to support our local Boilermakers during these tough times.

Maryland v Purdue Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post with some local places toe at that have been longtime sponsors of Purdue or who are being ran by a Purdue Graduate.

Today is a bit similar, but I want to focus on Five Places to get Purdue Memorabilia or Gear, that still need some help. You can order items online at these places and have them delivered, or pick up when they re-open.

During this COVID Pandemic, it is vital that we help one another the best we can. Obviously, we are stuck at home and we are itching to spend some of our money to help out the economy - lets try and spend a little bit to help our fellow Boilers.

Planters & Fire -

A local spot in town, the owner also runs Lafayette Laser in town for fabrications project. He has branched off a bit with some Purdue Licensed Grill Grates. They are extremely sharp looking.

Instead of buying a new grill, why not buy an upgrade for your current grill to change it up a bit. He can make them in all shapes and sizes, just go to his website and click the variety of options, or you can always DM him on Twitter and he gives a quick response.

You want to talk about helping out a die hard Boiler Fan, look no further. He owns season tickets for football, basketball and baseball. He is also a member of the John Purdue Club.

Here are a couple of videos of his grill grates from Social Media.

Martin Vintage -

An online Vintage Purdue Shirt, I personally have a couple of their shirts and they are much more comfortable and durable than the Nike Stuff that is sold at the major chains or online thru Nike.

Martin Vintage takes past and present logos, t-shirt ideas and creates one of kind shirts. My personal favorite is the Wide Receiver Purdue Pete.

They have done a heck of a job of promoting their items on Social Media and are never shy to do some solid deals on their gear. Take a look at their website, you will not be disappointed with wide variety of t-shirts they have.

The Shop Indy -

While not as directly affiliated with Purdue, the Shop has plenty of Purdue Gear to go around. They also have some gear that are based for the state of Indiana, the Indiana Pacers and the Indianapolis Colts if you love other items.

I have a couple of Colts’ Shirts from the shop and they are great quality items, that have yet to shrink (my wife loves to put everything in the dryer!) and have remained durable for over a year now.

19 Nine -

Vintage is in right? I keep sending you to these vintage stores.

19Nine has a variety of schools and professional teams that they work with to create licensed vintage gear.

They even have some of the Vintage Short from the 1993-1994 Season, currently they only have black in stock it appears.

While they appear to only have black right now, this is honestly the only online store that sells Purdue Gear that I could find some of the vintage shorts to Purchase. Especially the throwback whites, they are sold out right now, but when they were sold at Mackey, I did not even get a chance to go look at them before they were one.

Give 19Nine a chance!

University Bookstore -

We can’t forget about everyone’s favorite spot to spend all their money in college at (Other than Harry’s and Brothers).

UBS has been around forever and has all of the licensed Nike Gear you may want to show support for Purdue. Not only Nike, they are licensed in a variety of other name brands - such as Columbia and Champion.

I believe UBS is closed as of now, but they would greatly appreciate our business when they open back up following all of this COVID nonsense. Try ordering online today!