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Purdue Football: Spring Game Recap (Guesses?)

This is what I think we would have seen at each position..

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 12 Maryland at Purdue Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Today was supposed to mark the start of the 2020 football season with our annual spring game.

Yet, here we are. No sports, no Spring Ball, no Spring Fest - all in which I deem as kind of the kick off to spring.

I miss it all.

But, would we have seen at the Purdue Spring Game anyway? Truthfully, we have always been conservative during the spring game with our star players. I think Rondale, Neal and a couple others would have been held out.

But by position group, this is what I think we would have seen, if the game actually happened.


  • I believe we would have seen Jack Plummer as the number 1 QB and AOC with the 2nd team to start, but both getting reps with the ones. Paul Piferi with the 3s seem to be the obvious choice.

Running Back:

  • Since Coach Brohm has been here, there as been a Running Back by committee. King seems like he should be the number 1, followed up with Horvath.

Wide Receiver:

  • No need to get into too much depth. I would have expected Rondale Moore and David Bell to be out, to protect them after minor surgeries this off season. Amad Anderson would have had a great day with Milton Wright.

Tight End:

  • Payne Durham gets the nod with the ones, with Kyle Bilodeau and Garrett Miller running with the twos. Jack Cravaack, moved from DE to TE would have gotten some reps. He played the position in high school, I am interested how he translates to College TE.

Offensive Line:

  • I will be straight up and not throw many guesses out here, outside of Grant Hermanns and maybe Viktor Beach, it seems like every spot is up for grabs.

Defensive Line:

  • Big George maybe play a couple snaps? Personally I say no. Neal would have been out as he is still recovering from an ACL from forever ago. Watts would have gotten a good run with the ones. Lawrence Johnson at some nose.


  • This is the group I am most interested in. DeMarcus Mitchell is massive at 6-3 255 pounds for an OLB, who plays the other 3 spots? Jalen Graham seems like the other OLB to put more in the open field. Then we have Jaylan Alexander and who else?


  • Would have loved to see some Marvin Grant at safety today, seems like Theineman could be the other safety, but not before Cam Allen is the starter. Cory Trice at cornerback #1 would be my assumption but, who would get the other side of the field?

Rest in Peace, Spring Sports. We miss you.