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2020 NFL Draft: Cincinnati Bengals Draft Markus Bailey

Bailey will be the Bengals’ final draft pick of the year.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Rutgers Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

I hope Markus Bailey is ready for some Skyline Chili and some delicious UDF milkshakes because the young man is headed to Cincinnati. Bailey was chosen with the 215th pick in the draft and the last one for the Bengals. Unfortunately for Bailey his selection was the third linebacker taken by the Bengals this weekend meaning he’s going to have his work cut out for him.

Following the selection Bailey took to Twitter to send out a video to the Bengals and their fans which I thought was a pretty neat little touch.

Bailey is of course returning from a torn ACL that he suffered during the 2019 season. He never returned to the field following the injury and instead smartly opted to work toward rehabbing his knee and preparing for the draft. That work paid off today as he achieved at least one part of his dream by hearing his name called. This is just the beginning of the young man’s future and if what we’ve seen at Purdue is any indication I wouldn’t bet against him beating out the other linebackers the Bengals chose prior to him. We expect good things to come. Best of luck in the future young Boilermaker.