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Purdue Team Registered for The Basketball Tournament

A total of $2 million goes to the winners.

NCAA Basketball: Rutgers at Purdue
No word on if Pete is eligible.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Editor’s Note: I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote this. My NUMEROUS errors have been corrected.

The Purdue alumni team, known as the Men of Mackey, have officially registered for The Basketball Tournament. They are set to play in the Columbus regional.

For those not familiar with The Basketball Tournament it is a tournament that has gone on since 2014 with a winner-take-all prize pool. Team’s are comprised of alumni from various college programs. This year’s tournament is $2 million. This event is set for July and August and will air on ESPN. No additional details are available given the, ahem, current situation.

Purdue has not announced who the members of the team will be but note that those announcements are expected in the next couple weeks.

Keep an eye on that twitter account for team announcements and also further details about how this event will work going forward. If they could figure out a way to make this week it could give us all a respite from the lack of sports we are currently living in.