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Purdue Football Recruiting: 2021 Quarterback Prospects

Purdue is really high on one player, but, there are some alternate plans as well.

Nebraska v Purdue

While right now the quarterback position seems up in the air for who is the starter this fall, Coach Brohm and his staff appear to be locked in on one particular recruit for the 2021 class at the quarterback position.

High Priority:

Donaven McCulley

Indianapolis, Indiana - Lawrence North HS

4* (91)

6-5, 200 Pounds

McCulley is just about an hour south of Campus and has been recruited hard for a couple of years. Donaven is an elite football player, he is categorized as a dual threat of 247 sports, but he does a fantastic job of standing tall in pocket and delivering the ball when he needs to.

No worries though, he has a great ability to evade pressure and make something out of nothing with his legs as well. At 6-5, he is the prototypical size that Coach Brohm has recruited at Quarterback since he arrived to West Lafayette.

To be completely honest, he may have a bigger arm than anyone we have on the roster RIGHT NOW. With the flick of the wrist, the ball zooms downfield on all of his tape. He is pretty accurate as well, especially when he stands in the pocket. Like any quarterback, he loses a bit when he leaves the pocket early, pressure or not.

Donaven will not be easy to get, but he appears to be the highest priority in recruiting right now. In the last couple of weeks, the SEC has come calling with getting offers from Missouri and from Ole Miss.

While that doesn’t mean too much, Coach Brohm should be in good shape. We have one of the longest standing relationships with him, right there with Indiana and we are in the pass first, spread offense, with 4* wide receivers littered all over the field.

Donaven is the type of player that could walk on campus and steal someone’s job if they aren’t careful and quite frankly, I hope that happens.

Enjoy some film.

Other Quarterback Offers:

Kaidon Salter - 4*, 6-1, 185 Pounds, Cedar Hill, Texas

Noah Bodden - 3*, 6-4, 215 Pounds, Middle Village, New York