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Purdue Basketball: 2021 Prospects

Who are we after for the 2021 class?

Purdue v Tennessee Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Coach Matt Painter and his staff put together and outstanding class for 202 with Jaden Ivey, Ethan Mortin and Zach Edey.

But, 2021 has an opportunity to be even better.

Coach Painter and Co. are after some big time players, in state and out of state. I venture to say we are in pretty good shape with them as well in terms of potentially getting a few of these guys.

Wing play will be vital and post players will be focused on more than anything, per usual. Point Guard spot will still be pretty young when recruiting 2021, with Thompson, Morton and Ivey can run some point if need be.

I am going off of what 247 sports, so their rankings and all that jazz play into what I am going to say about the 2021 class.


Caleb Furst

6-8, 220 Pounds

Power Forward

4* (98) - 31st Nationally Ranked

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Caleb is one of the best players Coach Painter has ever gotten. He committed early for 2021 and caught some people off guard, as they thought he was headed to the state of Michigan. Caleb has an inside out game and would be ideal for the power forward position. He may walk in and play next to Trevion for a year at the four and Trevion at Center or the 5.

As for player comparison, I am not sure there is a former Boiler that compares. Robbie was more of a perimeter based guy, Caleb can do a little bit of both. The Fort Wayne, Indiana native was a massive early get for Coach Painter.


Harrison Ingram

6-6, 210 Pounds

Small Forward

5* (99) - 17th Nationally Ranked

Dallas, Texas

Crystal Ball: Stanford

Coach Painter and his staff have been after Harrison for quite some time. He was on campus this winter for a game as well. Rumor is that academics will play a vital role in what school he chooses, Purdue, Stanford and North Carolina all seem to be kind of the “Front Runners” as of now.

Harrison definitely has the potential to be a star player at Purdue. He would be the highest ranked player that Purdue has ever recruited (under Coach Painter) if he were to commit and probably the most polished.

Harrison and his family love the academics at Purdue, as life after basketball is just as important as basketball right now. With his skill set though, he could be a NBA Player for a length of time.

Trey Kaufman

6-8, 210 Pounds

Power Forward

4* (97) - 72nd Nationally Ranked

Sellersburg, Indiana

Crystal Ball: Indiana

Many thought Trey and Purdue would cool on one another after the commitment of Caleb Furst, but that has yet to happen.

Really, you could play these two together for a long time. I believe that Trey is more of a perimeter based player and in certain sets, Caleb could play the 5 and Trey at the 4. Which would give us an absolutely dynamic front court.

It all depends on what we are trying to do offensively though. I would love to see Trey in black and gold.

Blake Wesley

6-4, 175 Pounds

Shooting Guard

4* (96) - 90th Nationally Ranked

South Bend, Indiana

Crystal Ball: No Predictions

Blake is an absolute dead eye shooter and would fit well with the Coach Painter Mantra of wanting to recruit 1 pure shooter per class. Being in state and from the same area of Jaden Ivey definitely does not hurt.

Wesley would fit in well with the 2020 class as well with Caleb Furst. Wesley is not only a shooter as well, he is a very good slasher and can get to the rim as well.

Blake would add some depth to the shooting guard spot for 2021 with the potential of being a starter early on.

Chet Holmgren

7’ - 200 Pounds


5* (99) - 2nd Nationally Ranked

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Crystal Ball: Minnesota

Chet will be a hard one to get out of the state of Minnesota. But, Purdue has shown in the past decade our willingness to feed the big man and to give them as many opportunities as possible to become a star player.

JaJuan Johnson and Caleb Swanigan were All Americans for us there. Isaac Haas was All B1G.

Chet has a crystal ball to Minnesota, but he would be a hell of a get.