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Purdue Opening Odds to Win 2021 NCAA Tournament

So you’re telling me there’s a chance...

Purdue v Tennessee Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

In the most recent NCAA Tournament Purdue was 2 tenths of a second from knocking out the eventual champion. Who knows what happens if Mamadi Diakite doesn’t hit that shot or if Kehei Clark can’t make that pass.

So what about the next tournament? Well, the early odds are out and we definitely have a chance:

Purdue - 75-1

That’s fair. Many years Purdue is in the 33/1 to 50/1 range, so coming off of a 16-15 season with some question marks means 75/1 is pretty fair. Here is how the rest of the Big Ten stacks up:

Michigan State - 18-1

Iowa - 30-1

Wisconsin - 30-1

Ohio State - 30-1

Michigan - 40-1

Maryland - 50-1

Illinois - 75-1

Indiana - 100-1

Rutgers - 150-1

Penn State - 150-1

Minnesota - 300-1

Nebraska - 750-1

Northwestern - 1500-1

Michigan State makes sense because, well, they re Michigan State. They are always a Final Four threat. Maryland and Illinois depend greatly on potential NBA defections, as does Iowa with Luka Garza (who is somehow still not a senior in 2019-20). It appears that there is not a lot of faith in Rutgers and Penn State, who were denied a well deserved end to march droughts after great 2019-20 seasons.

But 75 to 1 is fair. Hopefully we can cash in on it.

Also, don’t follow any gambling advice from me: