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COVID-19: Local Restaurants Need Our Help

While everything has seemed to flip upside down, locals still need our help.

This new virus, which has been such an unknown to everyone, has essentially flipped our worlds upside down.

Personally, I am at home working, with an extended spring break and E-Learning. I miss the structure, I miss being in my school, teaching my students face to face. My wife, a nurse on the front line, is working more than ever and Tippecanoe County hasn’t really had many cases.

It has closed businesses, schools, factories, people have lost their jobs for an extended period of time, you guys have your kids at home more than you truly want, the DOW is dropping.

It is a global crisis.

But locally, restaurants that have supported Boilermaker Athletics aren’t all closing. Many are staying open for pick up or delivery and they need our help. I get it, everyone is a bit tight on money right now, but, is there anything you can do to help the locals?

I am going to list 15 places in this post from the local area, some have donated money to Purdue. Being born and raised in Lafayette, I know many of the people working or that own these places. While many businesses are going to be hurt by this I would love for locals to be able to help out.

  1. Triple XXX - This one is all near and dear to our hearts. Triple XXX, located right on Chauncey Hill relies on their repeat customers and particularly the students being in town. Well, students are gone for the remainder of the semester. Give Triple XXX a call at 765-743-5373 and pick up a Drew Brees Special!
  2. Brunos Pizza - Another campus staple and maybe the best pizza in town. Brunos pizza has been a lifelong Boilermaker supporter, take one step into the location and you will see with all of their Purdue Memorabilia plastered on the wall. Make sure you get a side or three of the Garlic Knots!
  3. Teays River & Brewery - Located about 10 minutes off of campus on south 9th street (I walk to this place) Teays is home to some under the radar food. Many come here for the beer brewed right at the location, but my personal favorite there is the Mac & Cheese topped with Pulled Pork and Two side for $13! They are also filling your growlers during this crisis cheap!
  4. 6th Street Dive - Off the radar a bit, it has become a popular spot for students, Go right over the bridge and order some great food at a great price. Their breakfast burrito is mouth watering.
  5. Akropolis Greek Restaurant - Want a Gyro? Go to the best spot in town. Located on South Street it is just a short drive from West Lafayette. Akropolis has been around for decades. Family owned and family run. Just a normal Gyro is the best thing on the menu.
  6. Great Harvest Bread Co - A Local Bread Chain right on Kossuth Street in the middle of town, get some break to last you thru this inevitable National Quarantine at some point. The Chocolate Babka may give you diabetes, but is worth every bite.
  7. Dog N Suds - Maybe the most famous of the local spots, Dog N Suds has been around forever, my grandfather and I would frequent Dog N Suds before he passed, a family tradition to go on opening day. They are still letting you take all orders to go and there is a Lafayette and West Lafayette location.
  8. Mad Mushroom Pizza - With a couple of locations in the area, Mad Mush again relies on students to drive their business 10 months a year. Just get an order of Cheese Stix for lunch today. Why not. They deliver!
  9. Arnis - A huge Boilermaker supporter, you can get their pizza art Purdue Football and Basketball Games. With many locations around town, there are plenty of ways to get their great pizza and salad. Seriously, get an Arni’s Junior this week.
  10. DT Kirbys - A favorite to watch a game at, DT’s will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. DT has been involved in Purdue Athletics and promotes his spot like no other on Social Media. Order a burger to go.
  11. East End Grill - Owned by a Purdue graduate, this upscale bar on Main Street downtown has some of the best food in the area. Check out their menu online and help out another Boilermaker.
  12. Peoples Brewing Co - The creators of Boiler Gold and Boiler Black, is doing carry out and delivery 2 PM to 7 PM on Growlers, Cans and Kegs, per their Instagram.
  13. The Local Bar - Owned by lifetime local, Doug Curry, our very own Casey Bartley was a bartender there for a very long time. They have amazing daily specials. Give them a call, talk to Doug and see what is going on!
  14. Southside & Westside Diner - I just got breakfast there this morning. Their westside diner location is where the old route 66 was at. Southside is located right on veterans memorial. Get the monster Omelet. You won’t eat again today.
  15. Oliveros - A small spot that has been around FOREVER. A true mom and pop place to eat located right on Old US 231. They have great breakfast and dinner. Give them a call and see what specials they have rolling.

This is just a small list. If you have other locations in Lafayette or WHEREVER you live, please put them in the comments with the best thing to eat there as well! During times like this it is so important to support our locals, chains like McDonalds, Wendys and Subway may be easier - but in the long run, $50 to subway for your family means a lot less than $60 to Triple XXX.

Everyone stay safe and healthy! Boiler Up!