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Sports Back?

Purdue Sports may be returning sooner than we thought

Courtesy of Purdue baseball.

We may not be done until fall for Purdue sports after all...

Honestly, this is at least a small bit of good news during an otherwise dark time. There was a certain mental aspect to the whole “Everything is cancelled for months on end and oh God just stay home”. I completely understand the logic behind it because pandemics suck and we’re trying to prevent the deaths of millions here.

This gives a small ray of hope, even if it is nothing definite. It gives us the “Maybe, just maybe, things will get back to normal in a few weeks”, or at least some level of normalcy. We still don’t know what will happen, especially since most scientific projections from places like the WHO and the CDC are saying the next 2-3 weeks are critical, but it is nice to see hope. We also don’t know what any return would be like. Would it just be a straight cancellation of all events in that time? Would it be a three week delay and push things more into the the summer? Who knows.

As I said, just a small ray of hope. Stay safe out there.