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Purdue Football: Pre Spring Ball Offensive Depth Chart

Spring Ball is around the corner - who is on the two deep?

Purdue v Wisconsin Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Spring Ball practice is right around the corner.

Everything is fluid, there are no guaranteed starters, well, maybe besides a couple of guys.

But, it is always fun to guess who may be in the two deep for the spring football game.

Purdue, after a losing season of 4-8, has many moving pieces on offense and defense. With Elijah Sindelar leaving, quarterback is wide open.

Running Back was hit and miss all season, with King Doerue and Zander Horvath leading the way.

Tight End graduates a player who may be a first round pick, in Brycen Hopkins.

The offensive line was so up and down all season, that who the heck knows who will start.

Grad Transfers are still fluid and Purdue is still hitting that market.

So, essentially this is my best guess at who could be part of the two deep for the spring football game. I am basing this on production from last season, who started last season and of course potential.


  1. Aidan O’Connell
  2. Jack Plummer

AOC finished the season strong, completing over 60% of his passes. While Plummer may be the better athlete, I do think that AOC has the better pocket presence and is a bit more accurate.

Running Back:

  1. King Doerue
  2. Zander Horvath

King started from about mid-season on - he did a good job, but not well enough to for sure secure the job. Hewitt will be in on this starting spot as well, but I see him a bit more as a change of pace back. Zander had a couple of solid games this past season, the bruiser could get his job back as well.

Outside Wide Receiver:

  1. Milton Wright OR
  2. Amad Anderson Jr.

Milton probably is the better prospect overall, better size and athleticism, but Amad just catches passes. He made some extremely tough catches this past season that made you drop your jaw.

Both are solid receivers and will play quite a bit this season and you cannot go wrong with either sophomore.

Outside Wide Receiver:

  1. David Bell
  2. Jared Sparks OR Maliq Carr

One of the three for sure starting spots, the Freshman All-American has a starting spot locked up. You could argue that he may have had a more impressive freshman year than Rondale did. David will have a solid back up in Jared Sparks, who was hurt most of the season last year.

If Sparks can’t stay healthy - do not be surprised to see Carr break the rotation. 6-5, 235 is scar.

Slot Wide Receiver:

  1. Rondale Moore
  2. Jackson Anthrop

Finally back from injury, Rondale Moore will return to his freshman season form, where he will just dominate. Rondale has this spot locked up the moment he is completely healthy. A hamstring injury derailed his season. Jackson Anthrop, a 5th year will back him up and do a great job.

Tight End:

  1. Payne Durham
  2. Kyle Bilodeau OR Garrett Miller

After losing first round talent in Brycen Hopkins, Purdue will look to replace his production. The Jeff Brohm offense relies on a solid Tight End. We have been spoiled with Hopkins and Cole Herdman in recent years - will this trio be able to replace their production? My gut says yes.

Left Tackle:

  1. Grant Hermanns
  2. Will Bramel

Hermanns is a 3 year starter who has this spot locked up. Once upon a time we had a grad transfer coming to help at OL but he wanted to be a LT - it was not guaranteed because Grant has been solid - so he bailed.

Left Guard:

  1. Cam Craig
  2. D.J. Washington

Cam Craig got some run late in the season at guard and did a solid job. I think he can lock up one of the two guard spots that are in limbo.


  1. Viktor Beach
  2. Sam Garvin

Beach was the starter before a back injury put him out the rest of the season. He should be back and healthy to go right back in the line up. Garvin will push him, he did a fantastic job as a walk-on center.

Right Guard:

  1. Gus Hartwig
  2. Mark Stickford

Hartwig honestly dominated the All-American game, in drills and the actual contest. He is the highest rated Offensive Lineman recruit in the Brohm Era. He earned a 4th Star on Rivals with his job at the All-American Game. I am not sure if he is ready physically, but he may be better than the other options we have.

Right Tackle:

  1. Eric Miller
  2. Will Bramel

This spot is truly up for grabs. Miller wasn’t great last year but has the most experience at the spot. Bramel I think will push him for the job. But, to start the spring I am going to roll with Miller.


I want to state this is my uneducated opinion of the pre spring ball depth chart. I truly believe most positions are fluid. I believe we are still hunting the grad transfer market for both offensive linemen and quarterback.

Spring Ball is a long season, leading up to summer workouts and training camp. It is a season to get stronger and healthier and to make huge strides as a program.

I believe we had about 9 kids enroll early for the 2020 class, don’t be surprised to see any of those 9 kids break the line up for PT.