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College Basketball Rankings February 3: The Streak is Dead

...and it died because of Rutgers

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Northwestern David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time since March 2015 Purdue did not receive any votes in the college basketball AP Poll. It is not a surprise. Even though the computer numbers favor Purdue the Boilers are still barely above .500 at 12-10. It is just a sad end after an excellent run. You can track Purdue’s entire AP Poll history here, but not only did Purdue receive votes in every poll before today dating back to almost five years ago, it spent much of that time solidly in the top 25. It even got as high as No. 3 for a long stretch.

Even more strangely, the streak was broken by Rutgers. Purdue received 9 votes last week, and the Boilers won in Piscataway we still likely would have gotten some this week, but it is over. We have had some close friends go by the wayside like us this year, too. Virginia was on a similar path and they had some weeks without votes of late. What makes it so frustrating is to see teams like Florida State and Maryland in the top 10 and knowing we could have beaten both. It’s a weird, weird year when Penn State and Rutgers are getting ranked.

Ah well. Time to start a new streak by beating Iowa and Indiana this week.

  1. Baylor 1,608
  2. Gonzaga 1,567
  3. Kansas 1,472
  4. San Diego State 1,447
  5. Louisville 1,352
  6. Dayton 1,271
  7. Duke 1,242
  8. Florida State 1,188
  9. Maryland 999
  10. Villanova 959
  11. Auburn 926
  12. Seton Hall 900
  13. West Virginia 827
  14. Oregon 758
  15. Kentucky 660
  16. Michigan State 624
  17. Iowa 604
  18. LSU 572
  19. Butler 437
  20. Illinois 373
  21. Creighton 372
  22. Penn State 356
  23. Arizona 164
  24. Colorado 134
  25. Houston 85

Others receiving votes:

Texas Tech 66, Marquette 31, Ohio State 19, Tulsa 19, Rhode Island 18, Northern Iowa 17, Wichita State 17, BYU 14, Rutgers 12, Stanford 7, Stephen F. Austin 3, Yale 1, Winthrop 1, Michigan 1, Virginia 1, Bowling Green 1